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‘World of Warcraft Classic’ realm transfer is underway; Players complaining about dead realms, guild separations

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“World of Warcraft Classic” has begun the transfers of accounts to other realms in an attempt to mitigate the high population servers that are causing significant log-in delays. The transition kicked off today, with the process taking several hours to complete.

There are a few easy requirements to be met before becoming eligible for the transfer, however. Your “World of Warcraft Classic” character should not be a guild leader. There shouldn’t be active bids or auction listings. And the mailbox should be emptied.

Keep in mind that once the transfer is complete, you cannot move to other “World of Warcraft Classic” reals anymore. So be sure to coordinate with your friends and guildmates before proceeding. In addition, community manager Kaivax added a couple more reminders for players.

World of Warcraft Classic spawns a new headache for players

“You may be required to change your character’s name once you’ve reached the destination realm. You cannot move a character to a PvP realm where you already have a character belonging to the opposing faction,” Kaivax said. So far, “World of Warcraft Classic” players have mixed reception for the fix.

Some are glad that Blizzard is trying to balance the population growth, while others are frustrated that they got separated from their friends. The latter is due to the fact that transfers can close at any time should a given server receives enough players. There’s also the fact that some of these “World of Warcraft Classic” realms have low population and there’s no telling whether or not it’ll grow over time. Some of them are even considered dead at the time of this writing.

World of Warcraft Classic contributes to the decline of Fortnite

As such, some have suggested that Blizzard merged low population realms to boost the player count. So far, however, the company hasn’t responded yet. As for the popularity of “World of Warcraft Classic” itself, it appears that the launch is a success.

So much so that the game is causing a massive shift in Twitch viewership, with “Fortnite” getting the brunt of the damage. Indeed, popular streamers like Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have migrated to “World of Warcraft Classic.” Both these players are known to stream shooting games but shifted to the MMORPG title to provide some changes to their monotonous schedules, TheVerge reported.

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