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Why getting your CSM certification is the ticket to Agile career success.

Practical Knowledge of Scrum - A successful Agile career requires that you know Scrum basics inside out along with a thorough in-depth analysis and practical knowledge about its application/implementation. This under the CSM course (Certified Scrum Master course) is achieved through proactive exposure to basics of Scrum, understanding the best ways to approach Scrum projects, details and nuances of Scrum lifecycle, setting up of Scrum projects and their excellent completion. You will also learn the basic details from releases to transformation.

Effective and efficient Scrum learning – A CSM certification (Certified Scrum Master certification) guarantees that you become thorough with the basics of Scrum, learn and apply Scrum tools, techniques and methods in an efficient and effective manner. You will eventually begin to also learn how to assign job duties to your team members, and pick the right projects, successfully getting it executed and completed through consistent monitoring. You will begin to grow in your Agile career.

The impact basic Scrum can have on your career – CSM training (Certified Scrum Master training) helps you understand and gain an upper hand in basics of Scrum, tools, and techniques and certifies you at the end of the course for the same. You will soon grow to realize the need to assign the correct job roles to your fellow team members. You will choose projects wisely and see them through an efficient and successful completion by monitoring it consistently. You Agile career will take off from here.

The insight to choose the correct projects- The CSM certification (Certified Scrum Master certification) amply trains you to gain sufficient insight into understanding if a project is right for you and your team in context of Scrum framework and Scrum lifecycle. You will also be able to choose projects depending on if they are too big or too small for you. You will learn if there is any necessity for international guidance and support for you project and avail the same.

Learning strong basic Scrum guarantees you a long term career - For a long lasting Agile career not only is everyday practice and understanding of Scrum a requirement but CSM training (Certified Scrum Master training) guarantees that you become a full time expert in Scrum basics such as Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, User story, Sprint review, and other Scrum skills. You will benefit from understanding Scrum terminologies, Scrum jargon. And how these are handy in your Agile career.

Connect and interact for Scrum knowledge - CSM certification (Certified Scrum Master certification) will give you the opportunity to exchange, engage and connect to gain more Scrum knowledge, tools, techniques and concepts. This is made available to Scrum Alliance members which gives you a free access to Scrum study clubs, communities and social networks. You will also have the chance to understand and solve real world projects in a great way. You will be introduced to Scrum concepts such as distributed Scrum and its many practices.

Varied number of job opportunities - A CSM course (Certified Scrum Master course) gives you a range of job roles for you to choose from. You can temper your choices according to the skill set, Scrum knowledge, tools and methodology you possess and fit yourself into the right point of career growth in your Agile job. This ensures that you do not skip any of the career processes that you may need to undergo as an Agile professional.

Flexibility in job expertise- There is a buzzword today about knowing which field/focus to gain expertise in. This is a smart approach towards one’s career and understanding where to focus your time/energy. However there are hardly any jobs/careers that give you the option of choosing you level of expertise. Scrum job roles are on such where any individual who is at any level of Scrum expertise may begin their career.

Exposure to international Scrum - Scrum as a knowledge base, skill and expertise is not bound nationally or peculiar to any one part of a country, or region. Once you begin your quest of Scrum career, it opens many doors of learning opportunities. From there on there will be no looking back. You get to engage and exchange your knowledge and skills with Scrum learners across Scrum study clubs, Scrum communities, and Scrum study groups. These are highly proactive in their nature, consistently encouraging you to learn and participate in gathering Scrum knowledge and expertise. This will have a great positive impact on your Scrum career.

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