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‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ update: 60fps Performance Mode goes live on PS5, Xbox Series X next week

From the Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay trailer | Photo credit: Ubisoft / YouTube screenshot

More games are getting updates that will maximize the technical upgrades available on new-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X. Next in line is “Watch Dogs: Legion” as Ubisoft confirmed the game is getting a Performance Mode update next week.

‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ new-gen console update arrives June 1st

Ubisoft made some changes in the “Watch Dogs: Legion” roadmap, but the Title Update 4.5 remains slated to launch on June 1. While it may not have as much new content as was included in the preceding patch, TU 4.5 will still feature a significant change for gamers lucky enough to have purchased a PS5 or Xbox Series X console.

The developer confirmed that a Performance Mode will be added to “Watch Dogs: Legion” through TU 4.5, which will allow players to run that game at 60 fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Details about the accompanying resolution was not mentioned. But Ubisoft might provide more details once TU 4.5 goes live next week.

Another console-related update included in TU 4.5 will be the cross-generation play for “Watch Dogs: Legion” fans using Xbox and PS consoles. This simply means console players will be able to play with others as long as they use consoles from the same family -- Xbox One with Xbox Series X/S and PS4 with PS5.

“Watch Dogs: Legion” TU 4.5 was supposed to launch before this month ends. But Ubisoft appears to be making up for the slight delay as the update comes with a surprise on June 1. Other contents confirmed to arrive with the next major update include the free operative named Helen, a new mission Tactical Op 2, and a new free reward track.

Ubisoft reveals changes in ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ roadmap

Ubisoft updated its roadmap for “Watch Dogs: Legion,” especially for free and paid content arriving in July and August. The story expansion titled “Bloodline” and part of the game’s Season Pass will be released in early July, along with new playable legacy characters Aiden Pearce and Wrench.

More free content awaits in August, as the PvP modes “Invasion” and “Extraction” arrive in “Watch Dogs: Legion.” An unnamed world event and new missions are also slated to launch in the same month, along with a new single-player Resistance mode. Season Pass holders are getting another playable character, Darcy, in summer as well.

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