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Walmart announces hiring for 3,000 drivers in the US as home delivery expands

Photo by: Marques Thomas/Unsplash

Walmart is expecting its home deliveries to reach new heights by the end of the year, so it is planning to expand its delivery service. As part of the expansion plans, the company announced it may hire 3,000 new drivers to be able to deliver to at least 30 million homes.

Walmart revealed this week that it would hire more delivery drivers and add a line of all-electric delivery vehicles for its In-Home grocery delivery service. This is the retail giant’s latest investment related to its last-mile fulfillment system.

As per Fox Business, Walmart currently employs around 100 drivers and it expects to reach 30 million homes by the last quarter of this year. It is serving six million now.

Walmart first launched its InHome delivery service in 2019 and with this, the company’s workers directly deliver grocery purchases to shoppers’ homes. They also bring groceries even if people are not home and leave items in the kitchens or garage.

To do this, drivers are given a one-time access code to unlock the shoppers’ garages or homes. This system works by using a mobile application that pairs with a smart entry lock.

The grocery delivery services have boomed since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Since many people fear getting infected, many households have turned to online grocery shopping to buy their needs.

As this happens, retail giants also made their moves to enhance their online shopping and delivery services. Aside from Walmart, Whole Foods and Amazon have also made their delivery offers better in an effort to rise amid the stiff competition.

The Street further stated that Walmart is also facing strong competition against brick-and-mortar rival stores such as Target. Thus, it is devising plans to make shopping easier for its customers.

In any case, Walmart is trying all the ways to make shopping easier and more accessible to most customers across the country. The expansion of the InHouse delivery is one of the things that Walmart is doing to achieve its goal of better service and to make customers continue shopping with them.

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