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‘The Promised Neverland’ chapter 173: What Peter’s death could mean to Emma’s plan

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“The Promised Neverland” chapter 173 will finally reveal whether or not Peter died. This could mean that Emma will have to reconsider her options as the head of the Ratri clan is an important piece of their plan.

“The Promised Neverland” chapter 172 started with a flashback to show Peter and the Ratri Clan’s backstory. Peter used to look up to his older brother, James, who was the head of the Ratri Clan before him.

Both brothers always viewed the Ratri Clan as entrusted with the most honorable and important mission of protecting the world. Until one day when James discovered an ancient document that detailed a decision made by the clan’s founder Julius Ratri 1000 years ago.

Contrary to the current portrayal of his clan and its founder, Julius was actually a traitor. He betrayed all of his comrades to enter the promise.

But what’s even more repulsive to James is the background of the children the Ratri Clan is rearing as food for the demons. “The children are descendants of his allies and not the rogues who were against peace and wanted to continue the war!” James Ratri was shocked.

That was when the two brothers’ views diverged. While James felt shame and guilt about what his clan had done, Peter felt that what Julius did was heroic. “He protected the world even if it meant he betrayed his comrades,” Peter explained.

But James can’t be dissuaded. He eventually left the Ratri Clan and his position was taken over by Peter, who hunted his older brother down.

When Peter’s men finally tracked down and killed James, the younger Ratri asked when his older brother was like in the end. Apparently, James only smiled and had one request, and that is to tell his younger brother that he is sorry.

The flashback ended and Peter heard Emma urging him. “Let’s be free,” Emma said. “Let’s change. Let’s end the 1,000 years of suffering now.”

That was when Peter realized what his older brother James tried to do. He tried to fight back against destiny started by Julius when he betrayed his allies. James just wanted to free Peter of the burden as well.

He then gave Emma the passcode “Code Solid” to pass on to his uncle. “I’m looking forward to seeing how far you can go in the human world,” Peter told Emma.

He then got a knife and pointed it at himself. “Sorry I can’t go with you kids,” he said. “I’ll enjoy the new world from the depths of hell. Farewell.”

The last panel show blood splashing as someone shouted Peter’s name. This suggests that he might have ended his own life.

If Peter really killed himself, then it’s back to square one for Emma and the children in “The Promised Neverland” chapter 273. After all, the head of the Ratri Clan was crucial to their plans and his absence could affect its viability.

Meanwhile, it is also possible that Peter might still be alive in “The Promised Neverland” chapter 273. After all, Peter’s dead body was not shown in the last panel, which makes it possible that something might have happened to prevent him from killing himself.

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