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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date, specs: S Pen support, under-display camera, and June 2021 launch possible, report says

Samsung Galaxy Fold | Photo by Mika Baumeister (@mbaumi) / Unsplash

Samsung’s 2021 calendar could be much different than the previous years. The tech giant has reportedly “confirmed” that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would be unveiled in June, and that is not the only change expected for this product line.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date

The Samsung Galaxy Fold line was launched in 2019 and introduced the company’s first foldable smartphone with a form factor that resembles a small tablet when unfolded. For its past two launches, a new Galaxy Fold device was announced in the month of September. But that might not be the case in 2021.

The South Korean publication AJUNews recently reported that Samsung “confirmed” the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is planned to be released in June. Samsung has reportedly started testing Galaxy Z Fold 3 and has been “developing final samples” before the device heads to mass production.

While the source of the confirmation was not mentioned in the article, tech fans should also note that this is not the only release date rumored to happen earlier than expected next year. There have also been reports that the Galaxy S21 series could be announced by January 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 specs

The same report also mentioned that Samsung is planning to add more premium features to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, including the S Pen support. It was not mentioned, though, if the foldable device would have a magnetic feature that would allow the stylus to attach to it, just like in the recent Galaxy Note lineups.

The addition of S Pen support to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is particularly interesting since Samsung has been rumored to stop producing a Galaxy Note in 2021. Earlier reports have also mentioned that the high-end Galaxy S21 variant, dubbed as “Ultra,” would support the S Pen.

AJUNews also reported that Samsung had tested a pop-up camera for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to offer a full-screen experience but encountered difficulties along the way. Now, Samsung is said to be planning to equip its next foldable smartphone with an under-display camera, but it has reportedly been producing degradation in image quality. It is then possible for Samsung to abandon this new feature for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 before its official launch.

Featured photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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