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‘One Piece’ episode 949 release date, spoilers: How Luffy convinces Udon prisoners to fight with him

From the Wano Kuni arc recap video | Photo credit: ToeiAnimationUS / YouTube screenshot

“One Piece” episode 949 marks a significant moment in the brewing war against Kaido as Luffy continues his attempts to convince the Udon prisoners to fight back. The Straw Hats captain will eventually accomplish his goal, but not without doing something outrageous.

‘One Piece’ episode 949 spoilers: Udon prisoners agree to fight Kaido in true Luffy fashion

The upcoming scenes in “One Piece” episode 949 will highlight how the protagonists’ biggest dilemma at the moment are not Queen’s subordinates indiscriminately firing Plague Bullets at them. Luffy realizes that the prisoners who once heroically joined Oden’s cause has been crushed from the inside and no longer have the courage to fight.

Luffy will continue to face the prisoners’ criticisms, including his status as an outsider who triggered the recent events in Udon that led to some of the prisoners getting punished or shot at with virus-infused bullets. Not even the presence of the Akazaya Nine will convince the prisoners to fight back, so Luffy has to do it his way in “One Piece” episode 949. And Luffy’s way has always been spontaneous and very risky.

In the manga chapter where “One Piece” episode 949 will be based, Luffy became very upset upon hearing that the prisoners want to keep their “normal life” in Udon. But Luffy objects saying they are being treated like slaves, and it is not a normal way of life. Luffy then touches the infected prisoners, eventually hugging all of them, leading to him contracting the same virus from the bullets.

Luffy will tell the Udon prisoners him being an outsider does not mean he cannot fight Kaido to free Wano. He is likely to recall that he promised Tama she will be able to eat as much as she wants by the time the pirates leave Wano. Luffy’s resolve should eventually convince the prisoners, but that is unlikely his biggest move in “One Piece” episode 949.

Luffy’s pep talk was followed by Babanuki loading an Excite Shell onto the elephant’s trunk to fire a cannon shot containing hundreds of doses of the virus to the crowd of prisoners. At this point in “One Piece” episode 949, Luffy will tie up the elephant’s trunk causing it to explode in Babanuki’s direction.

‘One Piece’ episode 949 release date, where to watch

The aspiring Pirate King should recover despite getting sick in “One Piece” episode 949. But his acts will not go unrewarded because he will gain the respect of the Udon prisoners as well as members of the Akazaya Nine who just met him.

“One Piece” episode 949 will be released on Sunday, Nov. 8. The official simulcast will be available on various streaming platforms including Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Funimation.

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