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Nescafé unveils plant-based coffee products lineup in Japan

Photo by: Nestle Japan Website

Nestlé is present in the market around the world. In fact, this food brand is one of the products that can easily be found in grocery stores anywhere on the planet, and now it has ventured into plant-based food and beverages as more and more people are turning vegan.

Nestlé is available in about 187 countries, and it offers a wide range of products for decades. Now that people are preferring “meatless” food options, the company is ready to accommodate the demand for it and has already produced a line of plant-based food and beverage items.

Nestlé in Japan

Japan is just one of the countries that have a growing interest in plant-based foods and beverages, and the Swiss food company is making sure that its customers in the region will have an option for their preference in food that they consume.

Likewise, for health-conscious customers, the firm just introduced its plant-based latte to meet the diversification of dietary needs in Japan. Nestle is also doing this as it aims to contribute in taking care of the environment.

Japan Today reported that Nestlé is unveiling a line of latte products that has no dairy ingredients. Since this is known to have milk or cream, the plant-based latte has none, and the missing ingredients have been replaced with carefully selected oats and almonds.

The end result is a latte blend that will be loved by people who enjoy coffee and coffee-based beverages. Minus the original milk additions, the plant-based ones still offer the same delicious taste that the food company is known for. At any rate, following the release in Japan, the company is also aiming to sell these vegan coffee mixes in other countries, including Latin America, Oceania, and Europe.

The new coffee products from Nestle

The plant-based coffee mixes will be sold in ready-to-drink or soluble forms. The latter is made by simply adding hot water, and the rich flavor of latte will emerge.

Finally, some of the products in this plant-based series include the soluble mix in Gold Blend Oat Latte and Gold Blend Almond Latte flavors. These will be sold for ¥ 429 in a box of four sticks. The ready-to-drink lattes are coming in the same flavors, and customers can choose either oat or almond latte.

"We are delighted to bring new coffee experiences with the launch of our Nescafé plant-based lattes in Japan,” Philipp Navratil, head of beverages strategic business unit, said in a statement. “We are championing the discovery of plant-based food and beverages at Nestlé, and our iconic Nescafé brand is embracing and leading this trend."

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