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NASA rover on Mars accidentally reveals proof of alien life on the Red Planet, UFO enthusiast reports

The image shows an artist’s concept depicting astronauts and human habitats on Mars. | Photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

It has been decades since humans started launching missions to space. At this point, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has already sent numerous rovers to Mars to observe the several sections of the Red Planet.

Astronauts have yet to scientifically prove that alien life exists on Mars. But that has not stopped certain people from already believing that living beings exist in the Earth’s neighboring planet.

NASA rover captures ‘moving’ object on Mars; Is it proof of life?

Thanks to the NASA rovers, the public now has a good idea how Mars’s surface looks like. But sometimes the images sent by the rovers further fuel the belief that there is life on the said planet. It was the case back in 2004 when the Opportunity rover captured an image of what looked like a moving object.

Fast forward to 2012, UFO enthusiast and author Scott Waring of the blog UFO Sightings Daily insisted that it was proof of alien life on Mars. Waring rebuked NASA for allegedly refusing to confirm the rover captured an image of an extraterrestrial being. He further stated that the agency has yet to release a video that allegedly shows the object “moving across the sand.”

Waring was not the only one curious about the rover image. NASA confirmed in 2004 that the image from the Opportunity rover caused quite a stir at the time. It prompted the agency to release a statement explaining what the object was and, ultimately, denying it was a living being on Mars.

NASA’s Opportunity rover captures ‘bunny ears’

NASA explained then that the captured image was showing a yellowish object that measures around 2 inches long before calling the supposedly moving object the “bunny ears.” Scientists that processed the image from Opportunity at the time deduced that bunny ears might be a part of the rover, possibly something that came out of the airbag because of its color. The Opportunity rover has finished its mission on Mars last February.

Life on Mars has been one of the most argued topics among scientists and space exploration fans. There have been several possible proofs that its surface housed some microorganisms, but scientists have yet to find evidence of life on the planet.

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