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‘Monster Hunter Rise’ sales surpass 4 million units on its first weekend; first title update slated in late April

From the Monster Hunter Rise announcement trailer | Photo credit: Capcom via Monster Hunter / YouTube screenshot

It has only been a few days since “Monster Hunter Rise” went live on Nintendo Switch, but Capcom confirmed that it already sold millions. The game could reach more milestones in terms of sales as post-launch updates are already lined up in the coming months that could invite more fans to purchase the game.

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ proves the franchise is still one of the biggest Capcom titles

“Monster Hunter Rise” launched on the Switch platform last March 26. After its first weekend in the market, Capcom revealed (via VGC) that it already sold four million units worldwide.

The response to the game is not surprising as it is one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games to launch this year. While the sales figure provided accounts of the “Monster Hunter Rise” copies sold around the world, the game also made headlines days before it went live after a Japanese company decided to make March 26 an official holiday.

A report from Yahoo News Japan was shared on Twitter with the user explaining that the CEO decided to just give his staff a holiday since many of them already filed for official leave to play the game. It is not uncommon for avid gaming fans to actually use some of their vacation days to play a popular game at launch. This is also one of the reasons sudden game delays could lead to frustration.

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ first title update arriving in late April

“Monster Hunter Rise” introduces new gameplay features, such as allowing players to have an animal companion called the Palamute. The latest installment also adds the Wirebug that lets players move from one location to another by swinging across elevated areas. But more features are promised to arrive shortly after the game’s launch.

Earlier this month, Capcom confirmed that the first “Monster Hunter Rise” title update would be available in late April that will bring new content to the game. Details about the upcoming patch are still unknown, but Capcom has announced it will include new monsters like Chameleos.

Like “Monster Hunter: World,” the newly released game will also have a Windows PC version, but it will not be released until 2022.

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