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Miley Cyrus’s social media addiction landed her in a rehab facility: Rumor

Photo by: Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Miley Cyrus has a controversial life after leaving her clean-cut image of an innocent, bubbly girl in Disney’s “Hannah Montana.” She has since been rumored to have been in rehab for various reasons, and now it was reported that her addiction to social media has also landed her for another stint at a rehabilitation facility.

Miley’s alleged uncontrollable social media habit

Based on the reports, Miley Cyrus is seeking treatment for this new addiction brought about by the age of computers and modern technology. As per the Heat magazine, the singer’s friends and everyone else around her are worried that she will break down again after her divorce from Liam Hemsworth.

A source claimed that the “When I Look at You” singer was going off the rails, which is why her close friends and even her management agency were anxious. They want her to be treated at a rehab to prevent further harm to her career.

"Even by Miley's standards, this is a new level of going off the rails, and everyone is worried," the insider supposedly told the magazine. "Her management wants her to go to rehab before she does any more damage to her career."

It was added that aside from her split from Liam Hemsworth, her break up with Kaitlynn Carter and Cody Simpson may also contribute to Miley Cyrus’ possible breakdown. Thus, before things get worst for her, her pals want her to check in at a facility and get treated.

Dependency on social media - Is it true?

With her breakups, it was suggested that those were one of the reasons why she got addicted to social media. She has been seeking attention and keeps posting on her accounts, and now it has come to a point where she could not stay away from it and needed help.

Gossip Cop checked out if this is true and learned that Heat magazine’s report about Miley Cyrus is totally false. The publication reached out to someone close to the singer, who said that the report is not true. GC also pointed out that if Miley indeed has an addiction problem, this would surely be reported in mainstream media as well or other reliable outlets, but in this case, just this doubtful tabloid published this story.

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