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Maropost Invest Heavily in Platform Infrastructure to Handle Explosive Growth of Clients

Maropost, the current leader in simplifying customer engagement for B2C brands and retailers, has continuously pushed out innovation in platform infrastructure over the past year to handle the explosive growth of its clients.

Around this time last year, Maropost had entered the Google Cloud Partner Program to allow their clients to scale up their customer engagement efforts.

This change also marked their move to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which gave Maropost the ability to scale its own resources as needed to provide their clients a more unified customer engagement platform that connected them to their customers at every step of the journey.

This consolidation of technology reinvigorated the company’s technological frameworks and optimized it to become a more efficient, more flexible, and more powerful system.

Their goal, at the time, was to increase the performance levels of their platform while providing a more affordable solution to their clients.

In a case study performed by Google Cloud, this new system was reported as having, “Cut the cost of infrastructure by nearly 40%.”

While also enhancing customer relationships through “faster and more robust service offerings” that maximized conversation rates and encouraged brand loyalty.

Since their entry to the GCP platform a year ago, Maropost has maintained 99.8% system average uptime. But their improvements didn’t stop there…

Neverending Improvements on Infrastructure

Founder and CEO of Maropost, Ross Andrew Paquette, has a lot to say about how the companies of today are handling their customer engagement.

In a personally published article, he said this about the prevailing customer engagement strategies of the time, “Research firm Gartner says 89% of companies compete predominantly on customer experience, yet many get it wrong by overcomplicating the customer journey – doing too much with too little focus and very little connection between moving parts.”

In a more recent interview with the Entrepreneur, Mr.Paquette goes on to say this, “I do what I do because the industry needs disruption. After working for two marketing technology companies, I found that services and customer support were overpriced and lacking results.”

As such, Maropost has been working endlessly to build their platform on the best technology available and on the most modern programming languages. They’ve even gone as far as to increase their current workforce to better manage their offices.

In late February, this year, Maropost had also announced the unveiling of a new and improved user-interface to further enhance their customer engagement platforms.

In an article from MartechSeries, Maropost Senior Vice President of Product, Eugene Peters, had this to say about their new and improved UI, “This isn’t just putting a pretty, new face on our platform. This is a transformation – we are employing processes, procedures, and frameworks to ensure we’re continuously delivering value.”

What’s Next for Maropost?

Not even two weeks ago, Maropost had been falsely accused of having tolerated a so-called ‘security breach’ while testing out a new centralized logging system based on ElasticStack — read more about it on this article from

ElasticStack is an open source software designed for the analysis, search, and visualization of large volumes of data in a variety of sources and formats.

The ‘breach’ that wasn’t actually a breach was nothing but a proof of concept simulation on aged time logs that didn’t include any harmful personally-identifying information on anyone.

And, there were no actual gaps in Maropost’s security system, only in the virtual testing machine that they used to test out the new software.

Thus, the only real news here is that Maropost continues to test out new tools and software to further improve their working processes and procedures.

In that same interview with the Entrepreneur mentioned earlier, CEO Ross Paquette even goes on to announce that... “In addition, we have two new products coming online that will strengthen our long-term global strategy.”

Only time will tell what those new products will be and how they will be able to improve upon Maropost’s current systems, but there is definitely still change incoming.

Maropost now works with more than 600 different brands, including big name-brands like Mercedes-Benz, Hard Rock Inc., The New York Post, and so on.

Their continuous efforts on improving their already award-winning platform infrastructure have not only led to the increase of the value of the brands that they work with, but they’ve greatly supported the growth of the industry as a whole by enabling change in their own systems.

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