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Maintaining A Reputation For Decades- Sound Fighter® Systems’ Phenomenal Growth

The reputation of a company is one of the most prominent things that define its success. No matter what industry the business belongs to, it's standing in the market attracts customers the most. Modern consumers these days tend to do proper background research before investing in an organization's services. As a result, unless the company has plenty of positive reviews, the consumers will likely opt for other options.

For this reason, businesses have now started focusing on enhancing user experience. With rising competition, upholding a certain stature in the market over a long time has become a challenging task. Yet, there are still a few companies putting their time and energy into providing the best services to clients and maintaining a long-standing reputation. One such company that does this successfully is Sound Fighter® Systems (SFS). For almost five decades, SFS has crafted effective noise barriers together with impeccable customer service.

Launched in 1973, Sound Fighter® Systems has worked tirelessly for the last 45 years. With headquarters in Shreveport, LA, SFS has spread its office network throughout Texas, as well. Widely known for its ‘unique noise mitigation services,' Sound Fighter® Systems is one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers of sound absorptive panels in the US.

Working Towards A Sustainable Environment

Since the rise of the environmental movement in the 1960s, there have been many debates around the significance of environmental pollution. Whether it be air, water, land, or noise, every kind of pollution plays a major role in the degradation of the environment, which is irreversible. When it comes to noise pollution, the 'invisible' nature makes it a lower priority compared to other pollution types. Nevertheless, research has proved noise pollution is causing harm to both people and animals.

Keeping the rising concern of noise pollution in mind, Sound Fighter® Systems has developed successful sound barriers by creating solutions such as RetroSorb®. The RetroSorb® Sound Attenuation Panels are designed to eliminate and absorb sound through its non-corrosive perforated aluminum, which increases the durability of the product. Being extremely lightweight and having a high NRC rating of 1.05 is an added advantage for the RetroSorb® Sound Panels. For reflective and elevated structures, RetroSorb®'s commercial sound-absorbing panels are the perfect fit.

The sound panels created by the Sound Fighter® Systems have stood out in the market for such a long time due to their unique qualities. Apart from having a high-performance sound absorptive panel system, the company develops panels strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds, making them perfect for harsh environments and outdoor locations. The high-density polyethylene material of the panel is also blended with a UV repellent. The material helps break down the noise energy into smaller frequencies, making them easier to diffuse through the panel and not be reflected in another direction.

Another popular Sound Fighter® Systems product making waves is the SonaGuard® fiberglass wall panels. With the Noise Absorption Coefficient of NRC as 1.05, the SonaGuard® absorptive panels have been in great demand ever since its launch. Many client companies have invested in the SonaGuard wall panels, keeping the worksite noise confined in the boundaries.

The Efficient Working of The Company

Patrick Harrison and Rand Falbaum have been managing Sound Fighter® Systems for several years. With its commitment to reducing noise pollution in the suburbs and other areas, the company has provided phenomenal results through noise barriers. The soundwave penetration is captured by the sound panels, which helps to absorb the sound waves rather than deflecting them, a unique quality found in SFS's noise barriers. Not only this, but the SFS installment system is completely soundless, which promises a smooth process without any additional hassle.

Previously, noise barriers were seen as an extra expenditure that could be avoided. With the increased concern for the environment and the rising cases of health-related issues, sound panels have become more of a necessity. Keeping the demand in mind, Sound Fighter® Systems provides its services to several industrial businesses such as manufacturing, refineries, power plants, HVAC systems, and many more.

Sound Fighter® Systems' property designs and modern products have been a great addition to the US market of noise barriers. With the help of absorptive sound walls, Sound Fighter® Systems have created a prominent brand in the US market, building a reputation for themselves that has helped them attract thousands of clients over the years.

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