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Katie Holmes rumor: Suri Cruise’s mom wants to relocate to Australia

Photo by: Ellen DeGeneres Show/YouTube

Katie Holmes wants to relocate to Australia and live there permanently. Based on the report, the actress wants to have a fresh start with her daughter Suri Cruise and she chose to live in the land down under.

Katie’s alleged move to another country

As per New Idea, Katie Holmes is moving to Australia and she made the decision after returning from a fundraising trip for sich children. Now, she is aiming not just to help those needy families and children but she now wants to stay in Australia for good.

It was said that one of the things that convinced her to move was seeing how Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky are living. She was allegedly inspired by the couple after spending time with them when she visited Byron Bay.

Chris and Elsa are raising their kids far from the spotlight. They have been residing near the beach and Katie Holmes wants this kind of life for her teenage daughter Suri, too. There is great privacy in the place and this made Australia even more appealing for the actress.

“We live on a property in the middle of nowhere,” New Idea quoted Elsa as saying in her previous interview. “We are trying to be normal people and being able to go with the kids and there are no photographers and people following you.”

Now, this was what mostly made Katie Holmes to decide she and Suri will leave the U.S. and settle in the land down other. The magazine even alleged that Elsa also offered to introduce the 41-year-old actress to Liam Hemsworth who is already divorced from Miley Cyrus.

Debunking the claim of Katie’s relocation

Gossip Cop is not one bit convinced that this story is true. For one, the source is not a reliable media outlet and the tale is just too fake to believe.

The publication added that it also contacted Katie Holme’s rep to confirm the news. And as expected, her spokesperson denied that the actress is moving to Australia or in any other country. The truth is - Katie and her daughter are comfortably living in New York and she even has a new boyfriend who always spends time with her around the city.

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