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Jennifer Lopez not wearing her ring as Alex Rodriguez refused to sign their prenup: Rumor

Photo by: J.Lo/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is said to be refusing to wear her wedding ring and she is doing this on purpose. Based on the report, the singer is “negotiating” so she is not wearing her ring as part of her prenup agreement with Alex Rodriguez.

J.Lo’s unusual way of "negotiating"

The Woman’s Day published an article titled “J.Lo: The Ring is Off!” it was claimed that Jennifer Lopez was insisting that she only forgot to wear the ring that Alex Rodriguez gave her when he proposed. But according to her friends, she has been removing her ring and deliberately leaving it in her jewelry box.

It was added that J.Lo started removing her ring after a chaotic negotiation over the prenup with her fiance. She has been ditching her emerald-cut diamond ring as they could not agree on some terms. The singer is pushing him to sign by silently protesting and not wearing her ring is her way of “negotiating.”

“This is all part of negotiating,” the so-called source said. “The wedding has been on and off more times a tap and it’s all part of her plan to lock him down.”

The tipster added that since Jennifer Lopez has been married more than two times, she has learned how to not give in and get what she wants in the marriage. She will also walk away if she needs to since she has learned her lessons well in the past.

Between J.Lo and A-Rod, everyone knows that it was the latter who has been pushing for the wedding so the insider stated that it will not be long when the former baseball player gives in to his fiancee’s demands. It was mentioned that Jennifer Lopez wants her fiance to sign a prenup with a clause about cheating that is worth millions of dollars.

“Jen really loves Alex and thinks they could have a good marriage, but she's not going to lose her hard-earned cash to anyone,” the source said. “She has no plans to tie the knot after Marc so it took some convincing to get her to say ‘yes.’”

The truth about J.Lo’s alleged refusal to wear her ring

Gossip Cop immediately went to work to know the truth about this report. Did Jennifer Lopez really removed her ring and not wearing it to push Alex Rodriguez to agree to her prenup terms?

In the end, the publication found out that the report is false. GC actually called the story ridiculous because there is no truth in the claims that were dropped in the article. The details were made up as there was no proof to back up the claims either.

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