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‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 release date, plot, cast: Is Cathy Mueller coming back?

From a promo clip of “Jack Ryan” season 1 | Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video / YouTube screenshot

Fans raved about the second season of the John Krasinski-led “Jack Ryan” TV series on Amazon Prime Video. However, there is one small mystery the show left unanswered after eight episodes, what happened to Cathy Mueller (Abbie Cornish)? While her absence is a good point for discussion, her return in “Jack Ryan” season 3 is still not guaranteed.

Will ‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 explain Cathy Mueller’s absence?

Not all fans of the show were fond of the infectious disease expert, who was Jack’s (Krasinski) love interest in season 1 just like in the original books. But Cathy’s character was a mainstay in the original books, so it was still surprising for some viewers that she was completely gone in season 2.

Even in the real world, Cornish’s non-appearance in season 2 was not explained. But what disappointed some fans was the fact that the show did not address her absence, not even with a one-line explanation. It then begs the question if the writers and producers would want to amend that in “Jack Ryan” season 3, or if they are planning something better like bringing the character back.

Prime Video and the people attached to the show have yet to reveal details about the “Jack Ryan” season 3 plot. However, based on everything that happened in season 2, there might not be much sense into bringing back Cathy Mueller unless she is going to play a direct and bigger role in Jack’s next assignment.

What happened to Jack and James Greer (Wendell Pierce) in season 2 was so intense and fast-paced that Cathy Mueller’s absence did not really affect the overall flow of the story. With that, the writers and producers could get away with not addressing this matter anymore in “Jack Ryan” season 3.

‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 release date likely pushed to 2021

People will have to wait a while to find the answers about Cathy Mueller and everything else about “Jack Ryan” season 3. This is going to be the first year that will pass by without a new episode of the show. Even before COVID-19 restrictions halted Hollywood productions, it already seemed unlikely for the third installment to be released this year.

On the bright side, Krasinski recently dropped hints that work on “Jack Ryan” season 3 could be starting soon. If they are to start filming this year, the next season could premiere sometime in 2021.

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