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'Jack Ryan' season 3 release date, plot, cast: Why a 2020 premiere might not happen

From the trailer of “Jack Ryan” season 2 | Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video/YouTube screenshot

If someone still needs proof that the TV series adaptation of Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse is a success, the status of “Jack Ryan” season 3 could be it. The third installment has been confirmed even before season 2 premiered.

However, many details about the third season are still unknown. There is no report yet when the cast and crew would start filming. That makes it possible that a release date has not been set yet.

'Jack Ryan' season 3 possible release date: New episodes could arrive as late as 2021?

It should be noted that there is no way to specifically determine when a TV series is getting released or coming back for a new season, unless an official announcement happens. But the best way to estimate the arrival of a new season, like “Jack Ryan” season 3, is by looking through the past production timetables.

The production of the first two seasons followed fairly similar schedules. The earliest evidence of season 1’s filming surfaced in May 2017, while season 2’s production reportedly started in summer 2018. Seasons 1 and 2 were released on Aug. 31, 2018, and last Oct. 31, respectively. That means there was approximately 14 to 16 months gap from the start of production to the premiere of new episodes.

If Amazon Prime Video would want the production to keep that pace, the filming of “Jack Ryan” season 3 should start this year to make a 2020 release date slightly possible. Otherwise, fans could be looking at 2020 without a new “Jack Ryan” episode.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like filming for “Jack Ryan” season 3 has already started. The show has also recently gone through a major production change with “Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring joining as the new showrunner.

'Jack Ryan' season 3 plot, cast: Where is Jack headed next?

The stories tackled in the first two seasons were both resolved in its eight-episode runs. The titular protagonist, played by John Krasinski, is expected to take on an all-new terrorist threat for “Jack Ryan” season 3. It is likely that the synopsis of the new season will be revealed once the cast and crew are close to start filming. Wherever the next mission will take Jack, he will most likely face it again with Greer (Wendell Pierce).

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