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How Is Artificial Intelligence Already Being Used in Our Society?

Artificial intelligence has frequently been cited as one of the most exciting technological advancements in the world. However, most people aren’t aware that it has already entered mainstream society and they’re using it almost every day. So, instead of focusing on what advancements are to come for this technology, today we’re going to be looking at how we’re already using AI in our lives. Keep reading to find out more. You might even be surprised by what you discover on this list.

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1.) Personal Assistants

No – robots haven’t secretly replaced your workplace’s receptionist. By personal assistants, we’re referring to technology like the Amazon Alexa and Siri for the Apple iPhone. Believe it or not, voice recognition tech is a subset of artificial intelligence. This is because Alexa and Siri can decipher what has been said to them, then filter the information to find an appropriate response. As such, they can be used to search the internet for information, schedule appointments, set alarms, call people on your phone’s contact list etc. Pretty cool, right? Through AI machine learning, Alexa and Siri can also begin to predict what requests and questions we are most likely to ask.

2.) Healthcare Industry

Artificial intelligence is massive in the healthcare industry, being used for a multitude of purposes. For starters, AI is behind the software for healthcare analytics, allowing us to interpret big data which provides invaluable information for drug development, medical treatments and improving patient care. Artificial intelligence is also being used for bionic limbs, giving full movement back to those who have had an amputation. Moreover, it’s been used to create machines which can replicate human perceptual processes. It’s astounding how much has been accomplished with AI. As a result, philanthropists like Tej Kohli have started to invest in this tech because of how much potential it has to improve global healthcare.

3.) Customer Service

Rather than dealing with customers yourself, it’s better to use a robot, right? Apparently so, because people have already developed computer software which allows you to do this. For example, there are such things as Chat Bots, which are the pop-ups that sometimes appear when you’re browsing a company’s website. Chat Bots work similarly to Alexa and Siri, meaning they’re able to process what you’ve said to them and then generate an appropriate response by drawing from a database of predetermined answers. This is ideal for increasing engagement and turning customer queries into sales. What’s more, AI can now track the behaviour of customers. Then, with machine learning, they can start to understand the person’s interests and predict their desires. From here, they will present customers with content which is tailored to them. You can see this in the example of Amazon – they somehow always know what to recommend you when you’re on their website.

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to artificial intelligence. As this technology continues to grow, we’re bound to see even more amazing inventions unfold.

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