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Google Pixel Buds A release date: New design may have been discreetly revealed by Google in promo message

Google Pixel Buds | Photo credit: Daniel Romero (@rmrdnl) / Unsplash

Google may have discreetly provided the first look at the rumored Pixel Buds A in a promo message. The inadvertent leak appears to correspond with a recent report that the upcoming wireless earbuds would look slightly different and don a new color option.

Google Pixel Buds A design: What to expect

Google Nest customers received a marketing email on Tuesday promoting the Google Store featuring four product categories labeled Pixel, Nest, Accessories, and Subscriptions.

In the screenshot shared by 9To5Google, the preview image above the Accessories link appears to be a Pixel Buds. But it has stark differences to the way the latest Pixel Buds look, which led to the assumption that it could be the first preview of the yet-to-be-announced Pixel Buds A.

The featured device in the said promotional email appears to have the same form factor as the currently available Pixel Buds. However, the mystery product is presented in a new color, which corresponds to an earlier report by the same publication that the upcoming Pixel Buds A will be shipped with a darker green color, along with an all-white variant.

The shading of the unannounced earbuds in the same email also looks different and matches the description of the earlier leak. The latest Pixel Buds model sports a two-tone design for all color options. The $179 wireless earbuds are being sold with Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black color variants. The different colors are only seen on the rear side of the earbuds, though, where the Google logo is stamped. The side of the ear tips for all color options has a black finish.

As for the rumored Pixel Buds A, the Google leak seemingly confirms the report that the entire body of the earbuds would have the same color. The case interior also appears to be in the same color as the earbuds, which also corresponds with earlier claims.

Google Pixel Buds A release date

While Google has yet to announce Pixel Buds A, the newly designed earbuds are quite a giveaway clue giving fans something to look forward to if they want to get new wireless earbuds this year. It is also speculated that the addition of “A” in the same could mean it would be a cheaper, lower-range variant just like the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a phones.

It is not yet clear when Google would officially announce Pixel Buds A. However, the company just confirmed it is hosting an all-online Google I/O conference this year on May 18-20, making it a possible venue to announce some of the next Pixel devices.

Featured photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

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