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General Motors launches new electric delivery van for commercial business and orders are coming in

Photo by: Elishia Jayye/Unsplash

General Motors joins major companies in creating products for the future. As we are heading towards tomorrow, where more electric vehicles are predicted to be on the road, GM is launching not only cars but electric delivery vans as well.

GM’s newest label: BrightDrop

As per CNBC, General Motors announced its new brand called BrightDrop, and under this name, they unveiled the EV600, which is an all-electric van designed for commercial deliveries. This is the first time that made another brand since purchasing Hummer in 1998. Unlike the company’s other premier vehicle lines such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC, BrightDrop will only produce units and offer services for commercial customers.

The commercial market for electric vehicles is predicted to grow; thus, General Motors is launching its EV600 units this year. By the year 2025, the company is planning to invest around $27 billion in electric vehicles and continue to move forward. BrightDrop will be managed by General Motor’s vice president for global innovation, Pam Fletcher.

“The game-changer about BrightDrop is that it’s a one-stop shop ecosystem,” she said. “End-to-end, BrightDrop could help with the deliveries fleets need.”

NBC News also quoted GM chairman and CEO Mary Barra as saying ahead of EV600’s presentation at the CES 2021, “BrightDrop offers a smarter way to deliver goods and services. We are building on our significant expertise with a new solution for commercial customers to move goods in a better, more sustainable way.”

Advance orders in place for EV600

General Motor’s EV600 delivery vans can run for 250 miles per full charge, and many companies have already expressed interest in acquiring this type of vehicle for their business. To date, FedEx already placed a large order after tests showed productivity increased by 25 percent with the use of the EV600 van.

General Motors shared that its vision for BrightDrop is to provide an ecosystem of products and services to accelerate the delivery and shipping process. The boom in e-commerce means more packages are needed to be delivered, and the GM hopes that the electric vans will make the delivery job easier and fuel-saver too.

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