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‘Fortnite’ leaks hint at Will Smith and Morty Smith in a mecha suit are the next featured skins

Photo credit: Fortnite channel / YouTube screenshot

Epic Games is not done with blockbuster collaborations that bring widely popular celebrities and fictional characters to “Fortnite.” In a recent leak, it appears that the next in-game skins launching will feature actor Will Smith and the other half of “Rick and Morty.

Will Smith comes to ‘Fortnite’ but not as an alien-chasing agent

Reliable “Fortnite” sources have posted a new set of leaked upcoming content on Tuesday, revealing the next featured skins. And it appears that Smith is going to be one of the next featured celebrities in the game.

HYPEX shared a couple of images that suggest Smith is getting in the “Fortnite” island as his “Bad Boys” character Mike Lowrey donning his familiar turtleneck shirt. This was an interesting choice, though, since Smith is also popular for his role as Agent J in the “Men in Black” films. Fans have pointed out that the latter would have been a more fitting choice given that the game’s current season is all about extraterrestrial things.

It is uncertain yet if Smith is getting different sets of outfits for his “Fortnite” debut. But another post from HYPEX suggests players can also get the actor with a new emote featuring French singer Carla Lazzari’s “Bim Bam toi.” The source had to mute the music, though, to avoid getting a copyright strike.

Morty follows Rick to ‘Fortnite’ island

Another interesting content that “Fortnite” sources have leaked this week is the much-requested Morty skin. It can be recalled that the other half of the “Rick and Morty” franchise, Rick Sanchez, came to the game first in June. It appears that a future update might complete the duo.

Morty’s “Fortnite'' skin is also getting quite an upgrade. Instead of adding the Adult Swim character as is, he appears with a mech suit with a red backpack. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Morty is not alone. His backpack contains a Mr. Meeseeks box, which got players thinking if they can also summon the fan-favorite character, who finds existence as mere pain.

Morty may also be getting an emote in “Fortnite.” However, his will stay true to the animated series as a leaked clip shows him performing the beloved “Get Schwifty” song.

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