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'Food Wars’ season 4 episode 7 release date, spoilers: Erina fights for the 1st time in Régiment de Cuisine

From the official “Food Wars” season 4 trailer | Photo credit: warnerbrosanime/YouTube screenshot

The anime series will likely waste no time and proceed with the next matches for the ongoing Regiment de Cuisine between the Rebels and the Central. Anime fans should expect the match cards and the culinary themes for the 4th Bout to be revealed in “Food Wars” season 4, episode 7. But the most interesting part of this round is Erina Nakiri going up for the first time since the Régiment de Cuisine started.

'Food Wars’ season 4 episode 7 spoilers: 4th Bout match cards

Both the Central and Rebels will not take too much time deciding who should go up the stage to represent their teams in the upcoming duels. “Food Wars” season 4, episode 7 will reveal that Erina finally decides it is the right time for her to fight in the competition. She will be joined by Isshiki and Takumi, who is just coming off a major win in the 3rd Bout. For the Central, Momo goes back up on stage along with a fully recharged Rindo and Tsukasa.

Erina will go up against Momo in “Food Wars” season 4, episode 7. The other 4th Bout match cards will be Isshiki versus Tsukasa while Takumi duels with Rindo.

'Food Wars’ season 4 episode 7 release date, plot: Who are ‘The Two Queens’

“Food Wars” season 4, episode 7, is officially titled “The Two Queens,” which refers to two chapters in the manga that will be animated in this installment. The two queens being referred to here are Erina as the Ice Queen and Momo as the Cute Queen.

Erina and Momo’s culinary theme in “Food Wars” season 4, episode 7, will be muscovado sugar, and that seems like a major advantage for the latter considering she is the best patissier in Totsuki. Momo wants to create something “super cute,” so she whips up a literal castle of roll cakes with designs of cute animals.

On the other hand, Erina mixes the sugar with black sesame on a batter for her dish. This is a huge statement for her to create a dessert dish considering she is up against Momo in “Food Wars” season 4, episode 7.

The highlight of “Food Wars” season 4, episode 7 is Erina showing off her culinary techniques and experience. In the end, Erina wins a crucial match for the Rebels kicking Momo out of the competition. “Food Wars” season 4, episode 7, will air on Saturday, Nov. 23.

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