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‘Elder Scrolls 6’ release date: Why fans should not expect a release date announcement in 2021

From the cinematic launch trailer of “The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Heart of Skyrim” | Photo credit: Bethesda Softworks / YouTube screenshot

A Bethesda Softworks official recently hinted that there would not be any announcements or updates about one of its upcoming games. There is a reason it is also an indication that no big news is coming up about “Elder Scrolls 6.”

No ‘Elder Scrolls 6’ announcements anytime soon

When Bethesda announced “Elder Scrolls 6” at E3 2018, it was not the only AAA title that the video game company unveiled. It also revealed that first very brief look into Bethesda Games Studios' first new IP in more than two decades titled “Starfield.”

Since then, Bethesda has been reminding fans of the hierarchy of its priorities in terms of development projects. While both games were announced in the same event, it does not mean the level of work on the titles is on the same level. The company has since confirmed that “Starfield” will be released before “Elder Scrolls 6.” That very likely means the majority of Bethesda’s resources are currently dedicated to the new game. So even if “Elder Scrolls 6” is already in the pipeline, it will not be released anytime soon.

Bethesda Softworks’ SVP of public relations and marketing department Pete Hines has also hinted recently that they have no big announcements to make for “Starfield” this year. If the company is reserving all the bells and whistles for E3 2020 when, hopefully, people will be allowed to attend conventions again in-person.

If “Starfield’s” release window were to be announced next year, it could be launched sometime in 2022 at the earliest to give Bethesda enough time to build up the hype for an all-new game. Note that there is no proper trailer ever released for the game since its announcement. So what does this mean for “Elder Scrolls 6”?

‘Elder Scrolls 6’ release date: Not in several years?

This could all mean that, as Bethesda has reiterated, “Elder Scrolls 6” will not be released in the next several years. It is already looking more likely that the next game will be out way beyond “Skyrim’s” 10th year in the market.

Considering that Bethesda has yet to fully focus on the “Elder Scrolls 6” development, it is doubtful that the company already has a solid release window. All fans can do now is fell better that the next game is sure to arrive and try to be satisfied with the new content packs and stories being released for the MMORPG “Elder Scrolls Online” regularly.

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