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‘Boruto’ episode 168 release date, spoilers: Kakashi helps Boruto boost the Vanishing Rasengan?

From the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Set 5 Blu-ray/DVD promo clip | Photo credit: vizmedia / YouTube screenshot

After a brush with death during their first encounter with Deepa, Boruto and Sarada recognized they need to improve their skills. This is going to be the focus of “Boruto” episode 168 as they train with Kakashi and Sasuke, respectively.

‘Boruto’ episode 168 spoilers: Boruto and Sarada start training with best Konoha shinobi

There are many reasons fans should look forward to the events in “Boruto” episode 168, especially with Kakashi training Boruto. It can be recalled that Boruto ended up asking Kakashi to train him as he is the only Rasengan user available.

Kakashi is always bored, especially when it comes to teaching. So it is not surprising to see him in the “Boruto” episode 168 preview begrudgingly agreeing to teach Boruto about leveling up his use of Rasengan. However, what’s more interesting is the likelihood of Boruto demonstrating Vanishing Rasengan to his new teacher.

Naruto’s predecessor might be impressed by it or not. Either way he cannot be expected to express any sign of excitement over the Rasengan Boruto had invented. But since the Vanishing Rasengan is something that Boruto can call his own, this is likely going to be the focus of his training in “Boruto” episode 168.

Sasuke was not available to train Boruto because he is already busy teaching his daughter, Sarada, about improving her use of Sharingan. It has been one of the running storylines in the manga how Sasuke and Sarada do not have the closest father-daughter relationship primarily because Sasuke is usually away on missions. That changes in “Boruto” episode 168 as Sarada has her father’s undivided attention.

Aside from their training, “Boruto” episode 168 might also include some scenes with Konohamaru and Mugino. An earlier teaser translated by Organic Dinosaur indicates that the duo will confront Victor because they have been suspicious about his affiliations. The teasers and video preview of “Boruto” episode 168 do not provide an update on Mitsuki, though.

‘Boruto’ episode 168 release date, where to watch

Luckily, the anime series is on its regular broadcast schedule without any break so fans will not have to wait long before watching how these training sessions will go. “Boruto” episode 168 will be released on Sunday, Oct. 4 in Japan with a simulcast on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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