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‘Black Clover’ episode 126 release date, spoilers: Charlotte admits she’s in love with Yami and decides to finally confess

From the “Black Clover: Quartet Knights” story trailer | Photo credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment America / YouTube screenshot

The weeks of recap and fillers will soon be over for the anime series. The reported title of “Black Clover” episode 126 suggests that the anime is returning to manga-based stories starting with Charlotte’s confession about her feelings for Yami.

Black Clover’ episode 126 spoilers: Charlotte admits she has feelings for Yami

The anime’s return to canon arcs is going to be exciting as it focuses on Charlotte and how she finally tells other people about how she really feels for Yami in “Black Clover” episode 126. This is not an easy thing to do with Charlotte being the captain of the Blue Rose squad.

It can be recalled that the all-women squad is sworn not to put high regard on men in an oath to uplift the power and abilities of women. It would then seem like a total betrayal to that concept for their captain, Charlotte, to admit that she is in love with a strong male captain of the Black Bulls. But “Black Clover” episode 126 is going to be a feel-good episode because of Charlotte’s squad will react to this.

“Black Clover” episode 126 is reportedly titled “The Blue Rose’s Confession,” confirming that the anime will once again cover canon stories. It also confirms that anime-only fans will finally witness this adorable moment between Yami and Charlotte as well as Charlotte coming clean to her squad.

Charlotte will call for a Blue Rose meeting where she confesses to her squad that she is in love with Yami. However, the squad will react positively to her admission in “Black Clover” episode 126 and will even support her to the point of convincing her to confess to Yami. As Charlotte decides to do so, Yami and Asta walk in.

Unfortunately, it will not be easy for Charlotte to declare her love for Yami. He will not understand what she is trying to say at this moment and simply concludes that he knows Charlotte hates him. Asta will then disagree and compares Yami and Charlotte to how he and Noelle treat each other. However, this also means Charlotte’s intention to confess her feelings will be interrupted in “Black Clover” episode 126.

Charlotte will ask Yami to go out to dinner in “Black Clover” episode 126. But instead of talking about love, the two will discuss her curse from which Yami had previously saved her.

Black Clover’ episode 126 release date

Reports have it that there will be no hiatus before the airing of “Black Clover” episode 126. This means “The Blue Rose’s Confession” will be released on Tuesday, March 17.

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