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7 Interesting Benefits of Watching Cable TV

We all have been told various side effects of watching TV for long hours; predominantly, when we binge-watch movies on Netflix or when kids watch TV for excessively long hours. Contrary to everything you have heard so far, in this write-up, you will find some interesting benefits of watching TV. However, if I had to sum up a few reasons in a conversation, I would simply conclude that watching TV is an amazing way to bond with your family or whoever you are living with than streaming any series or movie on your personal device. Cox cable has been my source of entertainment and the content has benefited me in multiple ways. As far as kids are concerned, a preset amount of watching TV should be allowed to them so they can focus on their studies as well. Although various informational channels have been designed and produced especially for kids, too much of anything can be wrong, irrespective of age. Here is my list of some interesting benefits of watching TV:

1. Upgrade your Brainpower

Mysterious, suspense-thriller, and complex TV shows such as Sherlock and True Detective require a great deal of undivided attention and analytical skills to comprehend what and how a particular event actually took place. It has been declared through the researches time and again that watching clever series and stories enhances our senses and thinking abilities. While watching someone undergoing pleasant or unpleasant experiences on TV, we usually feel something about them whether empathy, sympathy or apathy. It makes us emotionally and mentally stronger as our brains assume that we underwent similar experiences. So is the case with mysteries that leave us overthinking about the events documented in the show.

2. New People New World

Prior to the arrival of cable TV, reading books had been considered the most popular medium that gave exposure and familiarity to people living poles apart about different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Exposure is crucial for growth and types of exposure vary from culture to culture. There is a long list through which we educate ourselves and learn something new. According to the definition, exposure is basically a state of getting influenced or experiencing something firsthand or being exposed to something repeatedly. Exposure is also an act of unveiling mysteries about someone or something.

When we read books, we get to experience a new world; through someone’s experiences and/or approaches. Sometimes we learn about new cultures, practices, people’s behaviors and how they were formed. TV, on the contrary, shows us every detail, much clearer than we can imagine while reading the same story, we see and believe everything on the screen, whether a hero jumping 14th-floor building or a car on fire still winning the race.

3. Something To Talk About

Whether you want to avoid social awkwardness or just want to stir a controversial debate in the office, the TV always gives us something trendy or introduces us to the latest talk of the town which we can carry forward. If you possess a shy or introvert personality, TV can be a good source for you to break the ice in socially awkward situations and will help you find something common with anyone allowing you to prolong the conversation. It also helps in forming an opinion and updating obsolete information and not just show you as a conversation starter.

4. Humor Element

If you are having a rough day and can’t take a break; TV generally helps people cheer their mood up. Sometimes in our homes and other times in public places, TV is usually playing somewhere in the background while you do your usual things. The focus is obviously not on TV; however, good humor can always distract and bring a smile on everyone's faces. I have witnessed that happening in public places. Watching a good comedy show on TV with family or friends can definitely bring laughter and laughing is not only the best medicine but also strengthens our bond; it increases the blood circulation and reduces low blood pleasure. Spending time alone? TV is one of the most popular medium for getting entertained.

5. Learn Something New

Channels like HGTV and Food Network offer a great deal of useful information. In addition to this, commercial advertisements, at times, can also motivate you to start your own business. There are so many How-To and DIY [Do It Yourself] content on TV which adds a great level of convenience to our lives by enabling us to learn a new life hack or experimenting something new at the comfort of our homes.

6. Educational TV

Who thought watching TV could make mind-numbing historic topics on education or dry subjects like general knowledge about wildlife, solar systems, social issues, different eras, and cultures interesting. Well, cable TV channels like National Geographic, Discovery and History are making all the educational information exciting not only for students but for people of all ages. Such shows tend to develop an interest in the viewers because the content displayed on TV brings anticipation and forces them to imagine.

7. Makes Working Out Easier

While exercising at home or maybe in the gym playing loud and fast music in the background or on your headphones is clichéd. I have read in most of the success stories that the most successful people read or listen audiobooks – but this idea is not for me. Therefore, TV is what I watch while doing a stationary workout like a treadmill. It keeps me going while my eyes rest on TV.

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