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iPhone 12 Pro release date, specs: Apple’s flagships expected to arrive by September

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple will be releasing the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max this year. Many fans of the smartphone brand are hopeful that the upcoming flagship lineup will introduce major changes in terms of tech, features, and design, especially since the iPhone 11 range only introduced a few upgrades.

And it looks like fans won’t be disappointed this time. Various leaks and rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone 12 line will be miles ahead of the current-gen flagship with its new camera configurations, hardware upgrades, and even a fresh new design.

iPhone 12 design

One of the biggest changes the iPhone 12 could bring its design tweaks. For instance, the upcoming phones will reportedly do away with the notch, according to Tech Radar.

This means that the iPhone 12’s selfie camera might be embedded under the screen. However, this new look might also jack up the smartphone’s price a bit and could potentially make it the most expensive iPhone to date.

However, some leaks suggest that the notch might not totally go away but will be made thinner instead. This will be made possible by minimizing the front-facing camera to a point where it would fit into the top bezel.

The redesign will even affect the overall look of the phone. Instead of the usually curved frame on current iPhone models, the iPhone 12 will reportedly feature a metal frame similar to the iPhone 4.

Smoother iPhone 12 displays

Apple’s next-gen flagships will sport better displays as well. For instance, all phones in the iPhone 12 lineup will feature OLED screens including the standard version.

The screens will reportedly have a higher refresh rate of 120Hz, double the 60Hz found in current models. Screen sizes might be changed as well. iPhone 12 Pro Max will be increased to 6.7 inches from 6.5 inches, Pro’s screen size will be slightly reduced to 5.45 inches from 5.8 inches.

iPhone 12 specs

The upcoming flagship will be powered by the 5nm A14 Bionic processor. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a higher RAM of 6GB from 4GB in current-gen models while the standard iPhone 12 will stay at 4GB of RAM.

iPhone 12 release

There is no official word about the iPhone 12 release date yet. However, many believe that it will be hitting the markets by September 2020.

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