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Where is ‘Alita: Battle Angel 2’? These main cast members believe the movie deserves a sequel

From the official trailer of “Alita: Battle Angel” | Photo credit: 20th Century Fox / YouTube screenshot

Thanks to the avid fans of the first movie, who have chosen to call themselves Alita Army, the demand for the production of “Alita: Battle Angel 2” has not really gotten lost in the many IPs of Disney. They have also found support from main cast members of the live-action adaptation, who have said they want to see the sequel happen whether or not they would reprise their roles.

Rosa Salazar would love to play ‘Alita’ as long as she can

Rosa Salazar, who portrayed the titular cyborg warrior, is one of the cast members who affirmed her willingness to reprise her role should Disney green-light “Alita: Battle Angel 2.” She was also one of the first people attached to the movie who confirmed that the decision about the sequel’s production is now on Disney’s hand after it merged with the first movie’s distributor, 20th Century Fox, the following month since the film’s premiere.

In an earlier interview with SlashFilm, Salazar encouraged fans to support the movie by buying Blu-ray copies to show Disney that it can generate a profit beyond ticket sales. And if she ever got the call for “Alita: Battle Angel 2,” the actress would undoubtedly be on board with the sequel. “I would play Alita ‘til my last breath,” Salazar said.

Keean Johnson hopes to see ‘Alita: Battle Angel 2’ even if he’s not in it

Keean Johnson played the role of Alita’s love interest, Hugo, who had dreamed of going to Zalem. His obsession with leaving Iron City, however, led to his demise when Alita could not save him from falling to his death. What’s interesting about this is his cyborg corpse was never shown in the film, and there is that unspoken rule in TV and movies that without a body recovered it could lead a character's eventual return. While this is not yet confirmed to be the case for “Alita: Battle Angel 2,” Johnson is such a fan of the movie that he hopes it gets more installments even if he would not be a part of it.

The actor previously told UNILAD that he heard James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s ideas of how “Alita: Battle Angel 2” could unfold. Johnson believes that allowing the movie adaptation to be explored further will only make it better.

Christoph Waltz is ‘disappointed’ the sequel isn’t announced yet

One of the most recent “Alita: Battle Angel 2” cast members to comment about the sequel is Christoph Waltz, who portrayed Alita’s father figure and famous cyborg scientist Dr. Dyson Ido. In talking to Collider, Waltz confirmed that he had not heard anything yet about Disney’s plans for “Alita: Battle Angel 2,” something that made him “a little disappointed and surprised” because he believes the movie has enough followers to warrant a sequel. “Maybe it doesn’t fit into the Disneyfication, but I have no clue,” he added.

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