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What’s Behind a Lawyer not taking your Injury case?

Personal injury cases can be complicated, especially when they involve serious injuries. Proving fault is difficult for someone who has little or no legal experience. In which case, working with a reputable lawyer can make a lot of difference in terms of streamlining the process and ensuring one gets maximum compensation for their losses. However, it isn’t always that black and white. Although lawyers are in it for business, they may still turn down the offer to represent a client.

But don’t take it personally if a lawyer refuses to represent you. Lawyers often do so for a range of reasons – like your case not being “strong” enough. Other reasons may include:

When the accident doesn’t qualify as a personal injury

While a personal injury attorney Los Angeles will handle most injury cases, he/she may turn down your case if you did not sustain bodily harm following an accident. Often, the lawyer will examine the accident, your injury, and whether it happened as a result of someone else’s negligence, intent, or careless acts. That the accident occurred in another person’s property or due to a manufacturer’s fault is not reason enough to make them take the case. In the end, the burden to prove that the other party acted intentionally or negligently, and as a result of their action, you were hurt is on you.

When your injuries aren’t severe

A lawyer may also turn down your case if you escape severe injuries irrespective of how bad the accident was. You are entitled to compensation if the damage has an emotional and/or financial impact on your life. Either way, it is highly recommended to talk to a lawyer even if you think your injuries are negligent – many accident victims only discover months or years later that the accident had a severe impact on their lives but can’t pursue the case because of the statute of limitations.

When you have talked to different other lawyers

Lawyers are also humans, and when they realise that they are not the only ones you are talking to, they may see that as a red flag. This is not to say that you shouldn’t compare the different options to find one that suits your needs, but if they get the impression that you are looking for the highest bidder, they may want to keep off. It’s important to note that your compensation (if you get any) will vary based on a range of factors. Again, the best lawyers in the game put so much effort to ensure the best possible results. But if you are looking at the claim as a chance to make a kill, a lawyer may assume that you have unrealistic expectations and you won’t be contented with the outcome.

When you give out too much information

Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. If a lawyer notices that you have provided too much information regarding the accident to the defendant’s insurance company or any other interested party, or you have admitted fault (or have apologised) they may refuse to take your case. They may also turn you down if you have no medical evidence to back up your claim. For this reason, it is vital to call a lawyer soon after the accident to ensure you get these things right.

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