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Top Five Ways to Reach Seniors in Your Community

Of Americans practicing yoga, 2.9 million of them are 55 years or older. How many are you teaching?

This article will explore five ways to reach out to seniors in your community.

Yoga’s healing properties don’t belong solely to the young and hip. In fact no population may be in more need of your instruction than the senior population as demonstrated in this article. Let’s explore how to reach them and make them feel comfortable about attending one of your classes/workshops.

  1. Seniors are tecchies too!

In the last 10 years, the number of seniors online has expanded rapidly. They are looking for community and connection. You, as a Yoga professional can provide both and more – wellness, healing and a deepened sense of spirituality. All of which are essential in fighting the depression and isolation that often accompanies aging. To reach out online consider the following:

  1. Reach them where they are.

If you have the time and want to invest the effort you can reach active seniors where they are already congregating. Consider offering a class, Q&A or instruction at the following:

  • Senior Centers

  • Senior Living Facilities

  • Churches

  • Libraries


  1. Print it and they will come.

While many seniors are comfortable with digital technology, they still prefer the tactile. Even with a limited budget you can attract new participants. You may be surprised at the very cost-effective options to market yourself and the willingness of physicians or physiotherapists to promote your services. With very little investment you can create brochures via:




In addition to the content you will need to purchase holders.

Take an afternoon or three, visit local physicians, physiotherapists and the like and request permission to leave your leaflets in their waiting rooms – most will answer YES.

  1. Everybody loves a bargain.

Seniors are savers. They love a bargain. Offer a discount or some other incentive and they may flock to your door. Especially if you promote these savings in a senior oriented location.

Consider these options:

  • First class free

  • Buy one get one free

  • Bring a friend for free

  • Groupon

  • AAA discount

  • AARP discount

  1. What’s In it for me?

Many seniors may view yoga as a trend, an eastern religious sacrament or something for millennials. It is your duty to educate seniors in your community as to the benefits for their unique needs. You can do this by first being approachable and secondly highlighting the specific health benefits seniors can expect from a consistent practice:

  • Balance and stability – fewer falls

  • Improved flexibility and joint health – arthritis

  • Improved respiration and awareness of breathing

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Encourages being in the moment

As a yoga professional you are required to serve your entire community regardless of age or natural ability. Please use the above techniques to entice and embrace seniors in your community.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or management of EconoTimes.

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