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Tesla Model 3 safety, pricing: Euro NCAP gives car high ratings as company lowers prices

From a promo video of Tesla Model 3. | Photo by Tesla/YouTube screenshot

Tesla Model 3 may not be the company’s flagship, but a recently concluded safety tests done by the Euro New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) confirms it is one of the safest cars. Meanwhile, the pricing of Tesla Model 3 has also been updated now, allowing customers to purchase the Performance variant for less than $55,000.

Tesla Model 3 gets almost perfect rating from Euro NCAP

The comprehensive crash tests performed by Euro NCAP determined the damage that the occupants of a Tesla Model 3 during a collision. Series of tests also included adult and child dummy passengers as well as how the car’s autopilot system will respond to pedestrians approaching the vehicle when it is moving.

Tesla Model 3 got a 96 percent rating in a crash test with an adult occupant. The tests determined that the vehicle is designed to protect the driver and the passenger, especially on critical parts of the body during a collision such as the knees and femurs.

Euro NCAP gave Tesla Model 3 a tad lower overall score for the child occupant crash test. But the vehicle, nevertheless, showed it is capable of protecting younger passengers in child car seats or seat boosters during an unfortunate accident.

Meanwhile, mixed results were observed on how the Tesla Model 3 could impact a nearby pedestrian during a crash. But Euro NCAP reported that the vehicle still managed to protect a pedestrian dummy’s legs and pelvis area. Its Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB) system was also praised for being able to detect nearby walking pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 price drop confirmed

The news of Tesla Model 3’s great performance at the Euro NCAP’s crash tests coincides with the news that the company is slashing its price. Thanks to the rollback, people can now purchase its Performance variant for less than $55,000.

This is contrary to earlier claims that Tesla Model 3 Performance will be priced below $50,000 if a buyer chooses the 18-inch wheels. But according to the official website, the said vehicle variant can only be purchased with the 20-inch Performance wheels, and the standard price is at $54,990. When Tesla Model 3 Performance was unveiled in 2018, it had a price tag of $69,000.

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