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Small space decorating ideas for your rentals

Is your rental apartment too small for your liking? Do you consider it unfit for some of the eye-catching decoration ideas you saw on Pinterest? You don’t have to give up on the poor room; it wasn't its fault that the landlord decided to be conservative with spaces.

However, the smallness of a dorm-room or an apartment is no excuse for a below-par arrangement. If anything, the smallness of a room can be a great opportunity to create a space whose beauty is conspicuous enough for all to see, without losing any detail to obscurity.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you make the most of your small space dorm, while also giving it that touch of exquisiteness you so crave.

Let’s check them out!

Give everyday items a home

First and foremost, you need to give those items that enjoy daily usage a home within the room. Depending on you, this could be a purse, bags, basket, hats, and what have you. This tip is highly vital because it helps you stay sane in your room.

Remember, as much as you wish to have an aesthetically pleasing room; you don't want to spend your every morning searching the room for items you need.

For starters, you can buy a small fancy table that can serve the purpose of keeping some of these everyday items. Alternatively, you place some small fancy baskets at designated areas in the room. Shoes can go in a row by the front door, or you can buy a small shoe rack to keep them in.

Go vertical

Why scream for space on the ground when you can get enough in the air? For a small space room, going vertical is a no-brainer. Perhaps you have a roommate, and you two like to sleep alone. You need not worry! Bunk-beds work just fine as single beds. Instead of racking your brain about how you're going to jam two or more beds into a room that's hardly big enough to contain one, you can opt for bunk-beds.

Can’t afford bunk-beds because they cost more? Don’t worry! Since you’re likely staying in the room for just a brief period and not for life, you can always rent one on a site like Furniture on rent in Pune.

Use coordinating rug

Now let's talk about fashion. Since you don't have a lot of options to leave your wall spaces empty or a space big enough to contain glamorous chandeliers, you have to find another way to add an element of radiance to your room.

To that end, coordinating rugs do a nice job! Measure your room to know its dimensions and then use that to get a fancy rug that fits just fine in the center of your room.

Use your stuff to decorate

There is nothing wrong with using your stuff to decorate your room. Since you don’t have the liberty to bring in eye-catching frames and flower vases, you can use your books (neat ones by the way), jewelry box, cute cameras, catalog, picture frames, and stuff like that to beautify your space.

Just make sure that you do it right!

Never be afraid to repaint

Even if your landlord claims he's just painted the room, there is nothing wrong with adding your own taste of color to the room. Especially if you're trying to create a special theme for your room, you'll need uniformity across every area of the room, and that includes the walls, the furniture, tables, and windows.

Use curtains to hide unsightliness

We all have those items that have a special ability to ruin any interior décor design. No matter what you do, their presence just seems to throw everything off. For these types of items, you’re most likely going to need a shelf.

However, in the event that your room isn’t big enough to hold a shelf, you can create a small space just by the corner of the room to hide these things. Just make sure that you attach a fancy curtain across the face of the items.

Mix frames and mirrors

We've all taken photos, and we all use mirrors. Why not mix both to create a perfect blend of dynamism and attractiveness? Check the theme of your photo frames and buy a mirror with a matching theme.

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