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Pocophone F2 release date, specs rumors: Is Xiaomi still planning on launching the device?

From the trailer of Poco F1: MIUI for POCO | Photo by POCO India/YouTube screenshot

It has been more than a year since the predecessor of Pocophone F2, and the brand’s first-ever offering was launched. But Xiaomi remains mum about its plans for the future of Poco.

This has understandably led to some fans worrying that the Poco device will be discontinued without having any successor. However, tech fans should be reminded of previous reports that hint at the Pocophone F2, or whatever the next device will be called, is still underway.

Pocophone F2: Is Xiaomi canceling the device?

Xiaomi and Poco brand officials have indeed been quiet about Pocophone F2. But the company is still very unlikely canceling the Poco brand after the major success of Pocophone F1. The first device immediately sold 700,000 units within its first three months in the market making it one of the most profitable products of Xiaomi at the time.

The continuous online chatter on Pocophone F2 anticipations is another clear indication that it would not be a very smart move to cancel the brand without an explanation. As mentioned, there were also earlier reports claiming that Xiaomi has plans for the Poco brand, especially launching a new device.

Earlier this year, an insider of 91Mobiles also claimed that Xiaomi will not cancel the Pocophone series. However, the company is reportedly determining how to launch Pocophone F2 without hurting the sales of Redmi K20 Pro. The latter was launched last May and practically serves the same purpose as the Poco series -- offer top-of-the-line specs at a very affordable price.

The Redmi K20 Pro launched with a Snapdragon 855 as one of its flagship specs while keeping the cost at around $350. Pocophone F2’s predecessor featured a Snapdragon 845 chip, the latest in the series at the time, and competitive camera specs for just around $300.

Pocophone F2 release date, specs rumors

There is still a month left in 2019 to hope for Pocophone F2 to be announced this year. But with the reports that the series is not canceled, the wait for the device would most likely extend to 2020. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has to equip Pocophone F2 with Snapdragon 855+ if it wants to impress the same market that supported Pocophone F1.

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