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Nintendo Talks Absence of 'Animal Crossing,' 'Yoshi,' Other Anticipated Switch Games from E3 2018

Preview of the 'Yoshi' gameplay on Wii. Credit: Nintendo

Every year, Electronic Entertainment Expo press events don't fail to excite fans. However, there will also be a little bit of disappointment over the anticipated titles that don't show up in the week-long affair. That is the case with developers like Nintendo.

The hybrid portable Switch console has been on the market for only over a year. This means that at E3 events and other gaming conferences, Nintendo was expected to provide more updates on video games that were expected to arrive on the gaming system.

Though Nintendo wowed their E3 2018 crowd — especially with the launch of “Fortnite” for the Switch — there were also anticipated Switch-exclusive titles.

“Yoshi” for the Switch was first announced at E3 2017 with a 12-minute gameplay preview. However, the game was notably a no-show at the latest E3 gathering, which happened earlier this month. But fans should not worry as its developers promised that its development is still on track.

Nintendo’s senior product marketing manager, Bill Trinen, told IGN that “Yoshi” for the Switch has “actually been making really good progress.” However, prior to E3 2018, developers reportedly decided to apply some adjustments to the title, which will make the game “take just a little bit more time” to be finished. These changes are also said to be the reason why Nintendo decided to skip releasing a new “Yoshi” teaser this month.

“Yoshi” for the Switch is currently slated for a 2019 launch.

Meanwhile, with the success of the “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” on mobile devices, many fans have been expecting that the game will also get a Switch version soon. But since the "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's" worldwide release in November 2017, Nintendo has never said a word about a Switch port — not even at E3 2018.

However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is positive that fans will see more installments of the “Animal Crossing” franchise following its successful release on mobile. Unfortunately, though, he did not specifically confirm that an “Animal Crossing” for the Switch is in the works.

Other popular franchises that Nintendo obviously skipped at their E3 2018 presentation was “Mother 3,” “Star Fox,” “Metroid Prime 4,” and “Pokémon 2019.” And, generally, Nintendo implied that the developments of these games are still quite a long way from being finished so they decided to reserve their teasers for future events or when they are just a few months away from releasing these titles.

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