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‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 280 release date, spoilers, leaks: Kirishima leads the attack to defeat Gigantomachia

From the "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE HEROES:RISING" promo video | Photo via AnimeTV / YouTube screenshot

Fans who love Kirishima will also love “My Hero Academia” chapter 280. The main highlight of the next installment is him leading the attacks that could finish their battle against Gigantomachia. In doing so, he also revisits a memory he shares with Mina.

‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 280 leaks: Mina recognizes Gigantomachia

The students suffer from Dabi’s Huge Blast that will also start burning the forest surrounding them. Meanwhile, Mina decides to use her Acid Vail to continue attacking Gigantomachia in “My Hero Academia” chapter 280. This move leads to a series of events that help her and Kirishima address the fear they both have even before they entered UA.

As Mina charges to the enemy, Gigantomachia thinks of Shigaraki’s instructions to reach his boss by using the shortest route possible. Gigantomachia deems dealing with the UA students has taken much of his time than he anticipated. He then utters he will do everything for Shigaraki, but hearing his voice triggers a flashback for Mina in “My Hero Academia” chapter 280.

Mina recognizes Gigantomachia’s voice as the same voice as the monsters villain that cornered her and her friends when she was in middle school. Kirishima saw this happening, but he was too afraid to help Mina. This memory inspires Mina to further fight Gigantomachia in “My Hero Academia” chapter 280 also showing that she is overcoming the fear she felt from that moment. She will attempt to throw the jar of anesthetic into Gigantomachia’s mouth with Mt. Lady forcing to keep it open, but the villain manages to dodge it.

Gigantomachia then attacks Mt. Lady and Mina throwing the latter forcefully away from him. This is where Kirishima enters the scene in “My Hero Academia” chapter 280. He is motivated than ever to fight Gigantomachia thinking that he should make up for that time in middle school when he failed to help or save Mina.

‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 280: How Kirishima fights Gigantomachia

Kirishima stops Gigantomachia who will manage to gather members in the league into his palm, probably to escape and go to Shigaraki. Kirishima’s efforts will be initially foiled as Toga will be able to throw a knife into the jar of anesthetic, but Kirishima has a backup in his pocket that he will then throw into Gigantomachia’s mouth in “My Hero Academia” chapter 280. This sequence suggests Kirishima will be successful and the students will likely defeat Gigantomachia very soon.

The last sequence of “My Hero Academia” chapter 280 brings the attention back to Endeavor and Shigaraki where the latter appears extremely exhausted from their fight. Leaks of the next chapter are already online, but fans will have to wait until Tuesday, Aug. 11 to read it with the proper English translation through Manga Plus and Shonen Jump for free.

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