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‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 276 release date, spoilers: Shigaraki hunts for Deku; Endeavor feared defeated by Tomura

  • ‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 276 release date, spoilers: Shigaraki hunts for Deku; Endeavor feared defeated by Tomura Instacodez/Flickr

This manga has been delayed, so “My Hero Academia” chapter 275 was not released on schedule last week. But finally, it will be back soon, and surely fans could not wait for this chapter as the fight against the powerful Shigaraki continues.

Fans are reading the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc, and this features an upgraded Tomura Shigaraki. He already defeated many of the heroes, and now he is on his way to destroy the city and take out all the remaining protagonists, including Endeavor, the strongest pro hero.


In the case, in chapter 275, Tomura showcased his strength, and some of the heroes were even intimidated after his decay quirk is destroying everything. What makes this even more frightening is the fact that Shigaraki is tearing down everything in an effortless way.

He wants more power, though, so he is looking for Deku, who has the One for All. Acquiring this quirk will make Shigaraki indestructible and more dangerous, and fortunately, Endeavor figured this out before the enemy could get to his target.

While the ultimate villain is planning his attack, the students and some of the heroes are busy leading the residents out of the city. They know that their enemy will come, and he is likely to attack without a care to the civilians.

Deku and Endeavor’s plan

Since Deku and Endeavor have figured out that Shigaraki will try to take down the ninth holder of One for All. Their plan is to distract Shigaraki and lure him to an isolated place where they fight him and end the war.

However, Tomura Shigaraki heard about their plan, so to prevent them from contacting each other further, he jammed their communication. He used radio waves and air cannon quirks to cut off Endeavor’s contact, not just with Deku but the other heroes and students as well.

What’s up next

“My Hero Academia” chapter 276 will show Shigaraki on Deku’s trail, and he is clearly in danger now. Since Endeavor is not able to contact him, it is fortunate that Gran Torino appeared out of nowhere to save Deku. He knows that the young hero will try to defeat Tomura, which is impossible, so he came to take him away from Shigaraki.

Furthermore, “My Hero Academia” chapter 276 will feature Eraser Head facing Tomura, but this scene will make fans confuse. This is because the only way that the villain will get to Eraser Head is when Tomura defeats Endeavor first. Did the pro hero died, or Shigaraki just ran away from him?

Finally, “My Hero Academia” chapter 276 has a new release date, and it will be on June 26 as per Otakukart. For those who want to grab some spoilers, the raw scans will be available by June 22 to June 24.

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