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Melania Trump tweet: Stephanie Grisham calls Stephen Colbert ‘irrelevant’ for mocking FLOTUS

Melania Trump / Facebook

Melania Trump honored civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. by posting a message on Twitter on MLK Day. But her critics quickly found fault with the tweet with some netizens accusing her of not knowing what the holiday was about.

Melania Trump’s posted a very short, simple message on Twitter. She uploaded an image that only had the words “MLK Day” printed on it. “Together we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay,” the FLOTUS then captioned the tweet.

But then the comments started coming. Apparently, some thought it was too short and simple for such an important occasion. “That's it? That's the message?” Twitter user @matthewjsinger commented.

Others thought that the tweet wasn’t meaningful enough. “The emptiness of your message matches the emptiness of that terrible graphic. Great job, social media team,” Twitter user @NicoleBurleyNYC wrote.

Some wanted the FLOTUS to show something concrete on how she plans to honor the civil rights activist’s special day. “How do [you] plan on honoring it?” asked Twitter user @lisastark351. “Going to accuse our first African American president of not being born in the US again? #BeBest.”

Others took it as an opportunity to voice their opposition to President Donald Trump’s border wall project. “Well honor him, by building bridges, not WALLS,” @QueenB15_ wrote.

There are those who doubt if Melania Trump actually knew what was being celebrated. “Do you have any concept about who he was, or why we honor him?” @TulsaTeresa responded to the FLOTUS’ tweet. “Today’s celebrations will be far different from a Trump rally.”

But the mocking was not limited on social media. Comedian and political commentator Stephen Colbert even spent a few moments just talking about Melania Trump’s tweet on an episode of “The Late Show.”

“Melania’s tweet was short and sweet,” Colbert said, as reported by Daily Beast. “’ Together we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay.’ She really relates to Dr. King’s message—especially the part about wanting to be ‘free at last.’ It’s what I heard.”

“The oddest thing about that tweet was the graphic she used, which just said ‘MLK Day,’” Cobert added. “Timely…and factual. And I’m being told we have a preview of the first lady’s tweet for tomorrow: Together we honor—Tuesday, January 21.’ Again, so truthful.”

Naturally, the White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham wasn’t pleased with Colbert’s comments. She shot back at the comedian by calling him irrelevant and his comments unoriginal and disgraceful.

“Here we go again — an irrelevant late-night talk show host mocking the first lady when her main focus is serving the American people,” Grisham said, according to The Washington Examiner. “His comments were disgraceful and certainly not original, but that doesn’t seem to matter when you’re hurting for ratings.”

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