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Melania Trump praised for wearing a black recycled outfit to celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth with Donald Trump

Joyce N. Boghosian/Wikimedia Commons

Melania Trump recently celebrated Black History Month with Donald Trump at the White House.

While at the gathering, eagle-eyed netizens noticed how the FLOTUS paid tribute to the important occasion by wearing an all-black ensemble. On Twitter, the first lady was praised for her classic look even though her shirt dress was actually recycled.

“Aww… Melania wore black for Black History Month!” Twitter user @SandyOverton3 said.

“Who else loves out President Trump and First Lady Melania. They’re the best!” Twitter user @MariaToddFL said.

“Perfect, happy Black History Month! Time to reflect and enjoy the evening. I hoped it was a special evening First Lady Melania and President Trump,” Twitter user @Eizabe55467595 said.

Meanwhile, there are also some netizens who mocked the FLOTUS for thinking that wearing black is what Black History Month is all about.

“Wearing black isn’t what celebrating Black History Month is even about,” Twitter user @DracoThings said.

“Did you enjoy putting a medal on a big racist during Black History Month? You and Trump one and the same of like mind,” Twitter user @Lindamartin0071 said.

“Do you know what Black History Month is @FLOTUS?” Twitter user @lucykesha14 said.

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself while your hubby denigrates others, lies daily to the American people and is incompetent. Now, you really think people are going to believe you give a crap about Black History Month? That’s rich,” Twitter user @liveforallnow said.

Meanwhile, the FLOTUS also made headlines this week after she shared photos from her recent trip to India. However, the first lady was reminded of all of the kids in cages that she and Donald Trump have ignored.

“You forget these children,” Twitter user @AnnWill87194606 said.

“Kids are in cages!” Twitter user @belton_bk said.

“You make me nauseous,” Twitter user @paulajernigan12 said.

Other netizens also mocked Melania due to her previous work as a porn star.

“Like a porn model I would think you would be embarrassed to be out in public with those kidneys. Taxpayers deserve their money back,” Twitter user @planoldtired said.

“Best prostitute ever!” Twitter user @ChrisKelleyUSA said.

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