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FxWirePro: Blockchain glossary for beginners- Cryptocurrency Mining Terms

Hash Rate- It is a measure of the total speed at which a computer can process transactions in a blockchain.  It helps in assessing the strength of blockchain.  A Higher Hash rate indicates that network security is good as several miners are verifying transactions.

Ethereum network hash rate for Jul 25th, 2022- 917.41TH/s

Bitcoin network hash rate for Jul 25th, 2022- 195.48 TH/s

2. GPU- Graphic processing units are electronic circuits that help to compute a large number of calculations in a very short time. A standard GPU like Radeon HD 5970 was 800 times faster than the speed of the CPU.

3..Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) – It is specially designed hardware for purpose of cryptocurrency mining

 Bitcoin Miner hardware

Hash rate


Profit per day (According to nice hash)

Antminer S19

95 TH/s

3250 W

1.19 USD/day

Antminer S19 pro

110 TH/s

3250 W

2.88 USD/day

MicroBT Whatsminer M30S


3268 W

0.53 USD/day


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