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‘Dying Light 2’ release date: Collector’s Edition with real UV flashlight and secret location map appears in new leak

From the “Dying Light 2” E3 2019 trailer | Photo credit: Dying Light official channel / YouTube screenshot

The update that fans of Techland’s survival horror title have been looking for may have recently emerged in the form of an information leak. A Collector’s Edition of “Dying Light 2” was reportedly listed on a retailer’s website and included some interesting exclusive items that match the game’s overall theme.

‘Dying Light 2’ to launch with Collector’s Edition, new leak suggests

Gamers eager to hear new details about “Dying Light 2” got what they are looking for on Sunday. Reddit user LuRo332 spotted that a Collector’s Edition for the game has been listed on the Czech retailer Xzone’s website.

The rumored “Dying Light 2” Collector’s Edition may include a physical copy of the game and some exclusive physical collectible items. A UV flashlight was included in the list, along with a set of UV stickers. There is also a physical map of a “secret location” that is likely linked to an in-game area.

A steelbook case designed after the game’s theme and an artbook are also included. However, the main attraction of the supposed “Dying Light 2” Collector’s Edition is a “limited figurine” featuring protagonist Aiden Caldwell using his parkour skills and a bloodied knife poised to strike a zombie. The product listing has been taken down, as of this writing, but fans can still find screenshots of the leak.

Neither Techland nor publisher Square Enix has officially announced the release of “Dying Light 2” Collector’s Edition. However, fans argue that the leaked listing seemed very detailed to disregard. Others have also pointed out that Xzone is a legitimate retailer of video games. Despite these hints, of course, fans should still take this leak with a pinch of salt.

The source of the leak also shared that the “Dying Light 2” Collector’s Edition was listed for around €210 or $255. That may seem like too much money for a video game, but avid fans might consider it fair if all the listed physical items are eventually confirmed to be included in the bundle.

‘Dying Light 2’ release date still unknown

The much-awaited sequel was initially planned to launch in early 2020. However, Techland announced last January that it could not accomplish its original goal of releasing “Dying Light 2” last spring. “We need more development time to fulfill our vision,” Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka wrote.

At the time, Marchewka said more updates were to be released in the coming months. But, until now, fans are still left in the dark about the status of “Dying Light 2” as well as its new release date window. Pre-order for the game is currently available, and Amazon’s listing includes a Dec. 31, 2021 placeholder date.

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