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‘Boruto’ chapter 43 release date, spoilers: Boro injured By Sarada’s Chidori but might escape with Naruto

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“Boruto” chapter 43 will finally arrive in a couple of days. However, various spoilers have already made their way. The most surprising part is that while Sarada’s Chidori attack is effective against Boro’s core, the Kara member will still be able to make a clean getaway.

Boro was hiding an ace up his sleeve

Despite being the first time Sarada used Chidori in an actual battle, it would prove to be devastating to Boro in “Boruto” chapter 43. It would hit the core inside his body and would affect his high-speed regeneration ability.

This would mean that the Kara member would no longer be invincible in “Boruto” 43. But as Team 7 unleashes their killer moves to take him down, Boro will still have a trump card left that he will use to make an escape.

Boro returns to Kara HQ

It is yet unclear just what this ace will be. However, it likely involves the ability to go to different dimensions.

Based on available “Boruto” chapter 43 spoilers posted on Reddit by u/floyfromhell, Team 7 will be trapped in a dimension. This is likely Boro’s doing and will aid him to escape their attacks when he no longer has a functioning scientific tool for his regeneration.

As Boruto and the Team 7 members are trapped within that strange dimension, a portal will appear. It’s not yet clear who created this portal. Some say that it is probably Sasuke’s technique but it will only be confirmed with the “Boruto” chapter 43 releases.

Team 7 might fail to rescue Naruto

This one is yet uncertain as even the Redditor who posted the “Boruto” chapter 43 spoilers is unsure of how to interpret the translations. However, one way to interpret them is that Boro will be able to take the “vessel” or the “bowl” with him to Kara headquarters.

Some fans believe that it might mean “vessel,” which means that Boro will be taking Kawaki with him. However, there are those who believe that it might mean “bowl,” which could mean that it’s Naruto that will be brought back to Kara HQ.

“A new team 7 finally overwhelms Boro’s high-speed regeneration,” the spoilers read. “However, Boro still had a final ace up his sleeve. After having retrieved the vessel, Boro leaves the battlefield making his way to Kara’s headquarters.“

“Suddenly, a portal suddenly opens before Boruto & Co’s eyes, who were trapped inside this different dimension. (The translator also mentioned the word ‘bowl’ implying that Boro could have taken Naruto with him, but until further confirmation, we’ll use ‘vessel.’)”

‘Boruto’ chapter 43 will return on February 20, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

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