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A wide range of opportunities to count on — Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship status

Few are aware that there is a small sovereign state in the West Indies that is able to provide foreigners with a wide range of capabilities. This country goes for the Commonwealth realm and is hospitable to visitors all year round. This island state and its nation have a long history because the Leeward Islands were inhabited more than 3 thousand years ago. The main city is the capital of the small island country — Basseterre.

According to The Commonwealth website, St. Kitts and Nevis federal union is a member of the Caribbean States Association, United Nations and World Trade Organization and other global communities and movements. This active international position of the small West Indies state explains the government aspiration to develop offshore finance and service industries and provide efficient economic citizenship programs in St. Kitts (EN, RU, etc.).

According to the BBC independent source, since 2005 the economic citizenship program has become the main income stream for this country. When the sugar industry stopped producing profits, the investment program began to be considered as an important revenue source and a way of the island sovereign state development.

The peculiarities of citizenship by investment program — detailed information for potential program participants

St. Kitts citizenship gives foreigners with less powerful passports an opportunity to get certain freedoms. It is worth noticing that by becoming an economic citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis through the country’s CBI program is sort of a trend among high net worth individuals. According to statistics provided by Knight Frank Wealth Report in 2018, 34 percent of people with at least US$30 million of net worth around the world has two or more passports, while 29 percent is considering obtaining another passport.

As it’s impossible to apply for a St.Kitts citizenship via CBI program online, one can choose a certified agent or a company that would be a link between you and the CBI Unit on the island. For example, the Migronis Citizenship company. It specializes in all Caribbean CBI programs including the Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program.

It is worth noticing that two options to apply for citizenship and gain exceptional capabilities are popular among high net worth individuals. Those who are interested in the St. Kitts and Nevis immigration can either donate a certain sum of money to a state fund or invest in real estate and in 5-7 years return the money. Let’s review the options in detail:

  1. Donation to a state fund is a non-refundable investment. The minimum amount (cost) one is required to donate equals to 150 000 US dollars);
  2. Investment in real estate is refundable but one can’t choose any object on the island. The government has a list of approved projects that one can choose from and invest in order to participate in the CBI program. The minimum sum of 200 000 US dollars is required for this option of investment.

The official site of Migronis Citizenship company has a special costs calculator that would help to check a total cost of citizenship for a certain number of family members in an application. There you’ll also be able to find answers to FAQs on Saint Kitts and Nevis and its CBI program. Download their informative presentation to keep the necessary information at hand. The company gives an opportunity to check cases of their previous clients and read through the consumers’ reviews.

The strong positive sides of St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship

The bead-roll presents the main advantages that become accessible for the contributing participants in the beneficial program. One of the key points is the ability of visa-free traveling to more than 150 countries. It will be ideal for travelers and businessmen who often need to travel abroad. Other advantages to bank on are the following:

  1. Long-term travel permissions to the United States of America and Canada (visa up to 10 years);
  2. Wide range of business opportunities;
  3. Ability to add family members to citizenship application.

Additionally, all investors are able to count on the absence of necessity to reside in the island country and visit the state of their new citizenship during the processing of the application. All paperwork details are not resounded to any third-party organizations. It could be considered as one more advantage of the process in terms of high-level privacy. Any wealthy foreigner has the opportunity to get a second citizenship and powerful passport, as well as gain his/her own goals without any problem with the help of participation in the international investment program.

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