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iPhone 9 specs: Apple’s budget phone could feature the same chip used in the iPhone 11

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Budget conscious buyers have been looking forward to Apple’s upcoming budget phone called iPhone 9. Here are the details that are known so far about the smartphone.

iPhone 9 specs

Numerous sources have already reported on the iPhone 9 specs. For instance, Tech Radar said that it will have 3GB of RAM. While it’s around 25 percent lower than the iPhone 11, it is quite powerful considering that this is a budget phone

The iPhone 9 will also be powered by the A13 chipset, the same chip powering the current iPhone 11. It will feature a 4.7-inch LCD screen with a 750x1334 resolution. Being cheaper, it won’t have the same sharpness and color quality as that of the OLED screen of the high-end iPhone 11 Pro but it gets the job done.

Reports say that there will be two options for the iPhone 9. There is one variant with a 32GB of internal storage while another one has 64 GB of storage.

There were rumors saying that it might feature Face ID. But considering that this is a budget phone, it will likely feature a Touch ID button for security, where the fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the home button.

The iPhone 9 will have a single camera but the MP is still unknown at this point. As with other iPhone gadgets, the upcoming phone will have no headphone jack.

iPhone 9 release date

Tech Radar calls it “one of the most problematic elements” of the gadget’s launch. With the coronavirus outbreak having temporarily shut down Chinese factories engaged in the smartphone’s production, the iPhone 9 release date is up in the air.

But that’s not stopping some people from making their own speculations as to when the mobile phone will be out. According to Tech Radar, the iPhone release date rumor says it will be out on April 22 but it will be launched a week earlier on April 15. Readers better take this estimate with a grain of salt.

However, other reports seem to back the assumption of its imminent launch. For instance, Tim Cook said that factories are now back to full production. Other reports say that it already entered its “final stage of engineering validation,” which meant that it’s nearing mass production phase.

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