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iPhone 13 release date: Apple reportedly skips 'iPhone 12s' name

Photo credit: Martin Sanchez (@martin-sanchez-2296169) / Pexels

The official name of Apple’s next smartphone series has been one of the subjects of speculations over the past few months. With not much redesign rumored for this year’s devices, 2021 has been commonly regarded as an “S” year for the tech giant. However, a new report has claimed that Apple may have already decided to name its upcoming devices iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s?

Economic Daily News reported that Apple has decided on the manufacturers that will work on the assembly of the 2021 iPhones. The same publication also shared information from the supply chain suggesting that the tech giant has decided to use “iPhone 13” as the official name of the devices.

Apple has not used the “S” branding since 2019 since iPhone 11 shipped with a significant design. The iPhone 12 series also launched with an all-new look, which could explain why Apple also skipped naming it iPhone 11s.

The possibility of the next iPhones being called iPhone 12s, instead of iPhone 13, has been in various reports for months now. Earlier this year, leaker Jon Prosser was one of the first sources to suggest that the “S” naming could return this year. Meanwhile, market intelligence firm TrendForce referred to the upcoming device as iPhone 12s throughout a report published last month. There are also speculations that Apple might want to skip the number 13 since it is associated with being unlucky in many cultures.

iPhone 13 specs, release date

Aside from a similar design, the iPhone 13 series is also expected to launch with four models of similar sizes as the iPhone 12 lineup. Economic Daily News also agreed with earlier reports that the 2021 iPhones will arrive with a “mini” 5.4-inch, standard 6.1-inch, Pro 6.1-inch, and Pro Max 6.7-inch models.

Apple fans should also manage their expectations when it comes to the features and specs available in the iPhone 13 series. TrendForce reported that the company is focusing on “the optimization of existing functions,” which suggests introducing new features may not be Apple’s priority for the 2021 iPhones.

People will have to wait for a few more months to see if Apple will end up calling the devices iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s. The good news is that the iPhone event could happen earlier this year as Apple is expected to bring it back to its usual schedule in September.

Photo by Martin Sanchez from Pexels

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