Gayle Brewer

Gayle Brewer

BSc, Psychology (Royal Holloway, London), 1999

MSc, Evolutionary Psychology (Liverpool), 2001

PhD, Psychology (UCLan), 2006

MEd, Professional Practice in HE (UCLan) 2007

MSc, Psychological Research Methods (Open University), 2014

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What is love? Here's the science...

May 17, 2016 15:32 pm UTC| Insights & Views Life

Weve all felt it at some time in our lives. Poets write about it, singers sing about it and a whole industry has grown up around finding it, expressing it and maintaining it. But what is love? Where does it reside? What...



K League 1 football club Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors to use Universe express bus for 2022 season

The K League 1 football club Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors has received the Universe Operation and Control Car, a remodeled version of the premium Universe express bus to provide office space on the road, from Hyundai Motor...

Starbucks Korea stops using disposable cups on Jeju Island

Starbucks Coffee Korea has banned the use of disposable cups at all 23 stores on the southern island of Jeju starting on Tuesday. The Starbucks outlets on Jeju Island will only serve drinks in mugs, personal cups, and...

Gordon Ramsay's burger criticized for hellishly high price in S. Korea

The hamburger franchise Gordon Ramsay Burger coming to South Korea this month is already facing controversy for the price of its flagship burger the Hells Kitchen Burger which is much higher than in any other country....

Wendy's giving away free food for the holidays

Wendys is offering free foods for the month of December starting this week. The fast-food chain announced it would also offer daily and weekly discounts for purchases throughout the holidays. Apparently, the new food...

Starbucks Japan launches its Christmas cake lineup

Starbucks Japan is hyping up the Christmas cheer this year by announcing a new range of cake flavors for the holidays. The most festive time of the year is just around the corner, and the Japanese unit of the American...


Afghanistan's national museum reopens

The Taliban is seeking to reopen Afghanistan to the world following its takeover of the country in August. Recently, with the added security of the insurgent group, Afghanistans national museum has reopened to the...

Joe Biden considering to impose sanctions on Russia in effort to prevent invasion of Ukraine

The previous weeks saw tensions between Ukraine and Russia escalate due to the buildup of troops at the border the two countries share. With the concerns of an invasion, US President Joe Biden is considering imposing...

Nancy Pelosi says House will vote on bill to punish China for alleged treatment of Uyghur Muslims

China has come under fire for its alleged human rights abuses in the form of its treatment of its Uyghur Muslim community. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the House would come to a vote on a piece of legislation...

Devin Nunes to retire from Congress to join Donald Trump's media company

The 2022 midterm elections are becoming one of the most important races for both political parties, especially as several seats are opening up in both the House and the Senate due to retirements. The latest member of...


Suntory develops 100% plant-based PET bottle

The Suntory Group has created a prototype polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle made from 100 percent plant-based materials as a crucial step toward eliminating all petroleum-based virgin plastic from its bottles and...

New study shows drinking coffee, tea may reduce risk of dementia, stroke

Coffee and tea drinkers had lower risks of dementia and stroke, according to a study published in Plos Medicine in November 2021. This study involved 365,682 participants aged 50 to 74 years from the UK...

Doosan Robotics launches collaborative robot cafe

Doosan Robotics Co. has produced an unmanned modular robot cafe, which refers to a robot that can work with a human. The unmanned modular robot cafe is 1.8 meters wide, 1.59 meters long, and 1.85 meters high. Doosan...

Nissan to roll out unmanned vehicle for traversing the moon's surface

Nissan Motor Co. rolled out on Dec.2 an unmanned rover prototype to operate on the moon using its electric cars all-wheel-control technology to let it operate under harsh conditions. The Japan Aerospace Exploration...

S. Korean researchers find use for apple peel and crab apple as natural pigment

South Koreas Apple Use Research Institute has developed a reddish natural pigment extraction and recycling method using wasted apple peel and crab apples. Apple peel contains the reddish natural pigments called...


Telegram introduces the ‘delete messages by date’ function

Telegram has introduced a new version of the messaging app, and like previous updates, it is also filled with new features that should give users more control over the messages and content they share. One of the new...

‘Fortnite’ migrates to Unreal Engine 5 as Chapter 3 begins

Fortnite players anticipated the start of Chapter 3 to be a major event, mostly for the new updates and content coming to the game. But Epic Games had one more surprise after announcing that the start of a new chapter also...

Instagram launches ‘Take a Break’ feature, parental controls to follow in early 2022

A day before Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri appeared before the United States Senate to testify on Wednesday, the company launched the Take a Break feature designed to encourage teenage users to manage the time they spend on...

Twitter tests new ‘symptoms-first’ reporting system

Social media networks can be some of the most toxic places to be on the internet. While these platforms have reporting systems in place, users often find that the preset criteria when reporting a perceived violation or...

Remastered ‘Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves’ to launch on PS5 in January

Naughty Dogs latest Uncharted games are the first to get official remasters with significant graphics updates to take advantage of PS5 technical specifications. The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves bundle is also slated to...
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