Beth Fulton

Beth Fulton

CSIRO Research Group Leader Ecosystem Modelling and Risk Assessment, CSIRO

Beth Fulton obtained her BSc (with first class Honours jointly in Mathematics and Marine Biology) from James Cook University in Townsville in 1997 and her PhD on 'The effects of the structure and formulation of ecosystem models on model performance' at the University of Tasmania in 2000.

She joined CSIRO in 2001 as a postdoctoral Fellow, looking into robust indicators of the ecological effects of fishing. It was at this time she applied the lessons learnt in her PhD to begin the serious development of the ecosystem model Atlantis and to begin co-developing InVitro.

She was appointed to CSIRO as a research scientist in 2004, eventually taking up leadership of the ecosystem modelling and development team. She is now a CSIRO Office of the Chief Executive (OCE) Science Leader

Some recent career highlights include:

2010 Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation
2007 Science Minister's Prize for Life Scientist of the Year (part of the Australian Prime Minister's Science Prizes)
2004 Royal Society of Tasmania's award for outstanding PhD
2002 Dean's commendation for outstanding PhD by research, University of Tasmania

Extreme weather caused by climate change has damaged 45% of Australia's coastal habitat

Jul 26, 2019 08:45 am UTC| Nature

If you think climate change is only gradually affecting our natural systems, think again. Our research, published yesterday in Frontiers in Marine Science, looked at the large-scale impacts of a series of extreme...



FxWirePro: Sterling Looks Weaker On Gloomy Economic & Geopolitical Surface – Deploy ‘Debit Call Spreads’ To Hedge

The Corona crisis has hit the British economy comparatively hard. In addition, Brexit risks remain high, which is why we assume that the pound will continue to remain weak against the euro. Given that the UK and EU...

Macau begins bringing back gamblers from China

Macau has started reissuing tourist visas to bring gamblers back and keep casino operators from losing $15 million daily in expenses. The coronavirus lockdowns brought a severe downturn to the number of Macaus visitors...

US to label goods from Hong Kong as 'Made in China'

Good entering the US from Hong Kong after Sept. 25 will be labeled as Made in China, according to a notice in the US Federal Register. There are limited direct exports from Hong Kong, with most of the citys shipments to...

UK suffers 20.4% economic slump in Q2

The UK economy suffered its worst slump on record in the second quarter with a 20.4 percent plunge, the biggest of any major global economy. The slump, preceded by a 2.2 percent contraction in the first quarter, sent...

Greece's Preveza City leans on alternative tourism during pandemic

The pandemic opens up an opportunity for Preveza City, Greece, to promote alternative tourism, such as fishing and local life and culture related to the natural resources, says Constantin Koutsikopoulos, head of the...


Michelle Obama: Ex-FLOTUS, Oprah Winfrey, and many other influential women share why they vote

The November elections are shaping up to be a crucial one, with Donald Trump going against former vice president Joe Biden for the seat in the Oval Office. Former first lady Michelle Obama shares why she will be voting in...

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris make first joint appearance in Delaware

Joe Biden has officially announced that Senator Kamala Harris would become his running mate for the November elections. Following the announcement, the two will be making their first joint appearance as presidential and...

Donald Trump: Major companies speak out against POTUS' employment visa restrictions

Donald Trump is known for his anti-immigrant policies and is constantly pushing his America First agenda. Following his administrations announcement on employment visa restrictions, many major companies such as Apple,...

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump once donated to Kamala Harris' attorney general reelection campaign

Since the news that California Senator Kamala Harris was chosen to be Joe Bidens running mate in the upcoming November elections, Donald Trump and his campaign have taken the opportunity to launch their attacks against the...


Climate change: Arctic region may be completely thawed out by 2035, researchers claim

Alongside the COVID-19 pandemic is the fight against climate change, which is now occurring at an accelerated rate in some parts of the worlds polar regions. Unfortunately, researchers have predicted a grim outcome of the...

Asteroids: NASA reveals potentially hazardous asteroid 2011 ES4 to pass by closer than the Moon

Space agencies such as NASA are constantly on the lookout for asteroids that would wander into the Earths orbit. With the news of one particularly hazardous asteroid making its way Earthbound, NASA revealed when it will be...

NASA: Lucy mission passes important milestone in preparation for Trojan asteroid mission

NASA is currently preparing for several missions such as the Artemis mission, the future Mars missions, and the Lucy mission. The agency has now made progress on the Lucy mission as it was revealed that it has now passed...

Mars mission: Colonizing the Red Planet is best done under the surface, says scientists

The future Mars mission will see astronauts setting foot on the Red Planet for the first time, with space agencies hoping to colonize Earths neighboring planet successfully. According to scientists, the best chance of...


‘PUBG Mobile’: OnePlus owners get first taste of 90fps frame rate through Sept. 6

The new normal for PUBG Mobile would soon include playing the game in 90 frames per second. OnePlus smartphone owners, however, are getting the first taste of the frame rate boost until early September. PUBG Mobile...

‘Halo Infinite’ won’t be released with Xbox Series X; delay to 2021 confirmed

Halo Infinite was not just a sequel game fans have been waiting for years. It has also been billed as the launch game for Microsofts next-generation console Xbox Series X. That will not be the case anymore as the next...

‘The Last of Us Part 2’ video leak suggests multiplayer tests were done as recent as March

The rumor mill for the The Last of Us Part 2 multiplayer has recently restarted after another video leak. Aside from playing with friends, the leak suggests playing as a group of Seraphites could be an option. The Last...

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Lifepath details revealed in Night City Wire episode 2

Lifepaths have been one of the anticipated features of CD Projekt Reds upcoming RPG. Luckily, the second episode of Night City Wire released on Monday revealed more information on how choosing among the Nomad, Street Kid,...
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