John Malouff

John Malouff

Associate Professor, School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences, University of New England
Most of Associate Professor Malouff's research focuses on evaluating the efficacy of:

a) methods of coping with stressors,
b) types of psychotherapy,
c) self-help materials for psychological problems, and
d) methods used to increase adherence to recommendations of health professionals.

He also does research on methods of running organisational meetings and how to improve romantic relationships.

Social Media Revolution Series

What are the long-term effects of quitting social media? Almost nobody can log off long enough to find out

Jun 01, 2023 11:45 am UTC| Insights & Views Life

Being on social media has become synonymous with living in the 21st century. Year after year, we see new platforms and smarter algorithms roping us into highly addictive online worlds. Now, a growing number of people...



Argentina's Inflation Rises in June, Challenging President Milei’s Economic Reforms

Argentinas consumer price index rose to 4.6% in June, breaking a five-month trend of declining inflation. This increase challenges President Javier Mileis economic reforms aimed at combating the countrys severe economic...

Saudi Arabia Quadruples Fuel Oil Imports to Meet Soaring Summer Power Demand

Saudi Arabia has quadrupled its fuel oil imports to the highest level in over three years to meet soaring power demand during the scorching summer. Fuel oil shipments surged in June and are expected to remain elevated in...

Pakistan Secures $7 Billion IMF Loan to Bolster Economy and Address Debts

Pakistan has secured a $7 billion loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund, aiming to stabilize its economy and address outstanding debts. This 37-month arrangement focuses on enhancing fiscal and monetary...

U.S. Inflation Hits Three-Year Low, Yet Stocks Slide Amid Rate Cut Speculation

Americans received some relief in June as U.S. inflation fell to a three-year low of 2.97%, surpassing expectations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 0.1% month-over-month decline, raising hopes for potential...


Special Counsel to Appeal Ruling Dismissing Donald Trump’s Documents Case; Legal Expert Weighs In

Special Counsel Jack Smith is set to appeal U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannons dismissal of former President Trumps classified documents case. The ruling, citing improper appointment, has been labeled a blessing in...

Private Efforts to Urge Joe Biden to Exit Presidential Race Intensify Amid Polling Concerns

Despite public silence, private efforts to influence President Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race persist. Democratic insiders, citing dire internal polling data, continue to urge Biden and his advisers to...

Would-Be Donald Trump Assassin Aimed Gun at Officer, Prompting Security Probes: Report

A report reveals that the would-be assassin of former President Donald Trump aimed his gun at a local officer, prompting the officer to retreat just moments before the attack. Congress is now calling for probes into the...

Melania Trump Speaks Out After Assassination Attempt on Husband Donald Trump

Melania Trump has broken her silence following the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, urging Americans to rise above hatred and seek unity. Her poignant letter highlighted the personal impact of the...


SpaceX Moves Starship Booster to Launch Pad for Historic Flight 5 Test Attempt

SpaceX has moved its rocket booster to the launch pad for the fifth Starship test flight, following a series of prelaunch tests. This test, set for next month, includes the unprecedented attempt to catch the first stage...

Study: Alcohol and Energy Drink Mix Impairs Memory and Learning in Rodents

Researchers at an Italian university found that mixing alcohol and energy drinks leads to long-term memory and learning issues in rodents. The study, published in Neuropharmacology, highlights the potential risks to...

SpaceX to Help NASA Deorbit ISS; Starlink Lands Major Comcast Business Partnership

SpaceX will develop the U.S. Deorbit Vehicle so that NASA can safely deorbit the ISS by 2030. Meanwhile, SpaceX Starlink secures a significant partnership with Comcast Business to enhance rural connectivity. NASA Taps...

Japan Discovers 230 Million Ton Manganese Deposits, Boosting EV Battery Industry

Japan has discovered 230 million tonnes of manganese deposits near Minami-Torishima Island, potentially transforming its EV battery industry by significantly reducing reliance on imports and providing enough cobalt and...


Bitcoin Moves: Mt Gox Transfers 44,527 BTC to New Wallet Amid Repayment Plans

Mt Gox moved 44,527 Bitcoin to a new wallet in preparation for creditor repayments, causing a stir in the crypto community. Significant BTC Transfer by Mt Gox to New Wallet Crypto exchange gone In preparation for...

Huawei's Chairman Teases Ambitious Tri-Fold Foldable Phone Set for Potential 2024 Launch

During a live broadcast on July 15, Huaweis chairman, Yu Chengdong, teased the potential release of a tri-fold foldable smartphone. Huaweis Tri-Fold: A Technological Marvel in the Making Per Huawei Central, for the...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra Firmware Spotted, Korean Market Release Probable

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra has been spotted in test firmware, suggesting it may launch in the Korean market soon. Exclusive Korean Codes The Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra/Slim model is reportedly still in development,...

SEC's Preliminary Nod to Ether ETFs: Three Issuers Gear Up for Potential Tuesday Launch

The SEC has reportedly granted preliminary approval to Ether ETFs from three issuers, setting the stage for a potential trading debut next Tuesday. Preliminary Approval Granted by SEC to Three Ether ETF...
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