Sven Teske

Sven Teske

Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Teske joined the Institute for Sustainable Futures in October 2015 – he has over 20 years’ of experience as an engineer who specializes in renewable energy systems; energy infrastructural analysis and market integration.

Sven has extensive international experience project managing and providing specialist advise on projects across China, Japan, India and Australia in both a rural and urban context. Sven was instrumental in establishing The IRENA Renewable Energy Learning Partnership (IRELP). IRELP is the central hub for renewable energy education and training, currently offering free access to a global database of more than 3,000 workshops, courses, degree and certificate programmes, webinars and training guides.

Dr Teske is an internationally recognised expert. Sven is a member of several panels including Japanese Renewable Energy Foundation and has published over 50 special reports about renewable energies including the “Energy [R]evolution series, the “Global Wind Energy Outlook" and "Solar Generation – a solar photovoltaic market review”.

• Energy modelling
• Renewable Energy
• Smart grids
• International renewable market development

- Lead author for the IPCC Special Report Renewables (Chapter 10: Scenario analysis/ published 2011)
- Member of the expert review committee for the IEA World Energy Outlook 2010 and 2011
- Member of the advisory panel of the Japanese Renewable Energy Foundation

Climate Change Series

Even without new fossil fuel projects, global warming will still exceed 1.5℃.

Jun 14, 2021 06:09 am UTC| Nature

The International Energy Agency (IEA) last month made global headlines when it declared there is no room for new fossil fuel investment if were to avoid catastrophic climate change. However, our new research suggests...

Here's how a 100% renewable energy future can create jobs and even save the gas industry

Jan 27, 2019 14:51 pm UTC| Insights & Views

The world can limit global warming to 1.5℃ and move to 100% renewable energy while still preserving a role for the gas industry, and without relying on technological fixes such as carbon capture and storage, according to...



AMC is selling its APE shares to pay its debt and Citigroup Global is handling the sale.

AMC Theatres is selling up to 425 million APE preferred shares to raise money and pay its debts. APE is a new type of preferred equity unit that was issued by AMC Entertainment last month, and its trading commenced on Aug....

TikTok may be fined in the UK over breach of children's personal data privacy.

TikTok is a Chinese short video hosting platform owned by ByteDance. It is also locally known as Douyin, and it was reported that it is facing a hefty 27m fine in the United Kingdom for failing to protect the privacy of...

Alipay+ will help make GCash, TrueMoney, Touch'n Go, and AlipayHK payments acceptable in South Korea.

Ant Groups Alipay+ has teamed up with several e-wallet brands in Asia to help them expand to South Korea. The company also wants to promote cashless travel in the country, and this is another reason for the...

Hanhwa Group is aiming to become a global defense powerhouse with the acquisition of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering.

Hanhwa Group is taking over Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) and has already signed a conditional memorandum of understanding (MOU) to acquire a controlling stake. The multi-profile business conglomerate...

China, the US, and India are expected to bear the brunt of the damage, with costs of $10 trillion, $2.5 trillion, and $850 billion.

Rising levels of obesity are set to cost the world economy 3.3 percent of GDP by 2060, slowing development in lower-income countries, according to a study published in BMJ Global Health. The conditions currently cost...


Zelenskyy said in an interview with CBS that two more mass burial sites were found in Izium.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said authorities discovered two more burial sites in the now-reclaimed city of Izium. This follows the previous discoveries of burial sites in the area that led to the exhumations of...

Harris and Kishida stressed the importance of peace and stability in the contested waterway that China claims sovereignty over.

United States Vice President Kamala Harris and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida condemned China for its continued provocations in the contested Taiwan Strait. This comes as Harris is currently visiting the Asian...

A spokesperson for British PM Liz Truss said the government must control immigration in a way that also works for the country.

The spokesperson for British Prime Minister Liz Truss said this week that the government must control immigration in a way that works for the country. The comments come amidst reported calls by the interior minister for...

The EPA has launched the Office of Environmental Justice and Civil Rights aimed at helping minorities disproportionately affected by water and air pollution.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency unveiled its office for environmental justice over the weekend. The new office would be focused on the needs of minorities that have been heavily affected by...


Celltrion will receive US$10 million in milestone payments after successfully passing key stages of the development and approval cycle.

South Koreas Celltrion Inc. will jointly develop and work on the market release with Abpro Corp. of the US on a breast cancer treatment candidate ABP 10 Under the deal, Celltrion will receive US$10 million in milestone...

Current Canadian and American management efforts do not go far enough to decrease entanglement hazards and encourage the recovery of the North Atlantic right whale.

The Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch program added the American red lobster, caught in both US and Canada to its red list. Other species also added to the list are the snow crab, Atlantic rock crab, and others that...

The microscope unit, which also manufactures industrial endoscopes and x-ray analyzers, will be transferred to Bain on January 4, subject to antitrust regulatory approvals in Japan and elsewhere.

Olympus had agreed to sell its microscope unit to private equity firm Bain Capital for $3.1 billion as it speeds up the overhaul of its business portfolio to focus solely on medical technology The microscope unit, which...

The research team discovered that steamed mealworms emit a strong, corn-like odor, and when grilled or fried, they gave off a shrimp and frying oil-like scent.

South Korean researchers from Wonkwang University have developed a new process that uses edible insects to create meat-flavored seasoning. The research team came up with 98 volatile compounds with varying amounts of...

The resulting thermoplastic resin could be purified through a distillation process to make food-grade potassium lactate.

Wind turbine blades could eventually be recycled into gummies according to a Michigan State University professor, This was discussed during the American Chemical Societys fall conference, which kicked off in Chicago...


Netflix establishes first in-house video game studio headed by former Zynga exec

The Netflix Games service went live over a year ago, but the streaming giant has more plans for its video game business. The company announced this week that it is establishing its first development studio to deliver...

Leaked technical specifications of the regular Pixel 7 model suggest very few changes from its predecessor

The regular Pixel 7 model is the subject of one of the latest Google leaks ahead of the companys launch event next week. And it appears that the upcoming device does not sport that many changes compared to its...

Report: Apple Pay Later feature could be delayed until spring 2023

Apple Pay users may have to wait longer than anticipated for the buy now, pay later feature. The new payment plan will be released as one of the new features in iOS 16, but a new report suggests the Apple Pay Later might...

A new MacBook Air with a larger 15-inch display is expected to be one of the new Apple devices to enter the market in 2023

Apple is expected to close this year with the announcement of new Mac devices next month. But reports on what products the tech giant plans to unveil in 2023 are already making the rounds online, and it might include an...
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