Piers Forster

Piers Forster

Professor of Physical Climate Change; Director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate, University of Leeds

Professor of Physical Climate Change, University of Leeds (2008-present)
Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holder (2011-2016)
Roberts Research Fellow/ Reader, University of Leeds (2005-2008)
NERC Advanced Research Fellow, University of Reading (2000-2005)
Visiting Researcher, CRC for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology, Melbourne (1999)
PDRA, University of Reading (1994-1998)

PhD Meteorology, University of Reading (1994)
BSc Physics, Imperial College, London (1990)

Royal Meteorological Society, American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society, Sustainable Aviation Stakeholder Panel

Research Interests

Climate change, Radiative forcing, climate modelling, climate change impact, climate change adaptation, aviation and climate

The 1.5℃ global warming limit is not impossible – but without political action it soon will be

May 03, 2021 05:47 am UTC| Nature

Limiting global warming to 1.5℃ this century is a central goal of the Paris Agreement. In recent months, climate experts and others, including in Australia, have suggested the target is now impossible. Whether Earth can...

Climate Change Series

UK target to cut emissions 78% by 2035 is world-leading – but to hit it, policies must be rolled out now

Apr 23, 2021 11:51 am UTC| Nature

Everyday Im inundated with fresh news of businesses and governments declaring new deadlines for when theyll reach net zero emissions. The announcement of one climate target in particular caught my attention recently, for...



Whole Foods' nutritional supplement brand recalls Whey Protein Powder product

A recall has been issued for one of Whole Foods own nutritional supplement labels products. It was revealed that its 365 Everyday Values vanilla flavor Protein Powder is being recalled due to mislabelling and undeclared...

Applebee's announces job recruitment day for 10,000 workers

Applebees is the latest company to announce a job recruitment event this month. The American grill and bar restaurant chain is aiming to hire at least 10,000 additional staff. Perks for booking an interview with...

Samsung announces worldwide debut of its BESPOKE home appliances lineup

Samsung formally announced the expanded lineup of its BESPOKE home appliances on Tuesday, May 11. The South Korean electronics company is also bringing these customizable products to the global market with the aim of...

S. Korean confectionary firms post robust overseas sales in 2020

South Korean confectionary companies led by Orion Corp. enjoyed brisk overseas sales in 2020, fueled by the popularity of Korean pop culture and food abroad. Orion Corp. sold approximately 1.5 trillion won worth of...


Kevin McCarthy reportedly hired Trump White House staff member to organize rally that fueled Jan. 6 violence

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has come under fire for backing the removal of Liz Cheney from her leadership position. As Congress and law enforcement authorities continue to dig into the January 6 insurrection at...

Liz Cheney ousting: GOP Senator Joni Ernst accuses party of 'cancel culture'

Many Republicans of today often resort to cancel culture when they are caught in a scandal or when they are criticized for making statements that are essentially deemed sexist or racist, or problematic. GOP Senator Joni...

Donald Trump super PAC to host fundraising event at ex-POTUS' Bedminster golf club this month

Former President Donald Trump is already set to spend the summer in his New Jersey golf club. Along with his stay in Bedminster, a pro-Trump PAC is also expected to host its first fundraiser this month at the club. A...

Joe Biden to nominate Rahm Emanuel for US Ambassador to Japan

US President Joe Biden is set to announce his picks for diplomatic posts. Among the appointments that he is set to make is Rahm Emanuel for US Ambassador to Japan. Biden is expected to appoint former Chicago Mayor Rahm...


Space tourism – 20 years in the making – is finally ready for launch

For most people, getting to the stars is nothing more than a dream. On April 28, 2001, Dennis Tito achieved that lifelong goal but he wasnt a typical astronaut. Tito, a wealthy businessman, paid US$20 million for a seat...

First human-monkey embryos created – a small step towards a huge ethical problem

Scientists have created the worlds first monkey embryos containing human cells in an attempt to investigate how the two types of cell develop alongside each other. The embryos, which were derived from a macaque and then...

Lab–grown embryos and human–monkey hybrids: Medical marvels or ethical missteps?

In Aldous Huxleys 1932 novel Brave New World, people arent born from a mothers womb. Instead, embryos are grown in artificial wombs until they are brought into the world, a process called ectogenesis. In the novel,...

Antimatter: scientists find way to trap elusive material by blasting it with lasers

Antimatter is believed to play a huge part in the story of our universe. Its the counterpart to matter: identical in every way with protons, neutrons and electrons but with an opposite electric charge. According to our...

Shifting toward 'open peer review'

Twenty years ago, it was difficult to find information about local restaurants, except from the restaurants themselves. Now, thanks to the Internet, independent evaluations are easy to find. Its past time we make that the...


Here’s how to sign up for the ‘New World’ closed beta before it starts in July

New World is officially the only first-party title in Amazon Games pipeline right now, and more fans will be able to witness soon what the studio has been working on for several years. The upcoming massively multiplayer...

EA Play Live 2021 is set for June 22, where the next ‘Battlefield’ reveal could finally happen

EA made several major announcements this week, especially about the highly anticipated Battlefield reveal. The video game publisher confirmed it is bringing back the EA Play Live event where its next-level first-person...

iPhone 13 Pro models reportedly feature a bigger camera bump

Apple has reintroduced an iPhone 5-era design when it launched the iPhone 12 series last fall, and the overall appearance of the upcoming iPhone 13 is expected to be similar. However, another report has suggested that...

Facebook starts testing feature asking users to ‘open article’ before sharing

With so much going on in peoples social media news feeds every minute, many may have developed a habit of only reading titles or headlines before sharing them. Now, Facebook wants to encourage its billions of users to open...

PSVR 2 gets 4K upgrade and foveated rendering support, report says

It has only been a few months since Sony confirmed the development of its next-generation PlayStation VR, and some details about its technical specifications have now been reported. The device, commonly referred to as PSVR...
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