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UFC rumors: Analyst eyes Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo rematch in November

From the "Conor McGregor: Notorious" official trailer. | Photo by Universal Pictures/YouTube screenshot

Conor McGregor is still enjoying his time being retired from the mixed martial arts scene, but he remains one of the most popular athletes under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) league. So aside from speculation on when he will return to the octagon, fans have been wondering who he might be fighting next.

There are several favorite names that fans deem to be the rightful opponent for McGregor that includes his long-running rival on and off the octagon, Khabib Nurmagomedov. But an analyst and former mixed martial artist suggest that someone else might be a more worthwhile competitor — Jose Aldo.

UFC rumors: McGregor vs. Aldo part 2?

Aldo was one of the opponents McGregor faced back in 2015 before he became one of the most-followed UFC fighters by fans and the media. When they first fought, McGregor won in 13 seconds via knockout. This kind of history between them might be what they want to possibly drumbeat McGregor's return to the UFC.

Analyst Michael Bisping called it in his Believe You Me podcast (via that he would like for the Aldo vs. McGregor rematch become the biggest part UFC 244. The event is happening in November at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

In Bisping's explanation, a rematch with Aldo should be something that McGregor's camp would pursue if they want a victorious return. Bisping further said, fighting with other top fan choices such as Nurmagomedov might not end well for The Notorious.

A rematch gives Aldo a chance to redeem himself for how their first fight went down. As for McGregor, the MMA analyst simply believes this matchup will give the Irishman more chances of winning.

UFC speculated fights: McGregor to face Jorge Masvidal?

There is a great deal of hype surrounding Jorge Masvidal right now, especially after knocking out Ben Askren in just five seconds. That is currently the fastest knockout win in the history of UFC. With that much build-up on Masvidal's latest win, he undoubtedly became a fan-favorite opponent for McGregor.

Unfortunately, UFC President Dana White gets the final say, and he does not like the idea of a heavier Masvidal taking on McGregor. Meanwhile, The Notorious has yet to confirm whether he has plans on getting back to the UFC as soon as this November.

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